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Joint Guides: How Do You Keep Joints Smell Proof?

Nothing blows an amazing high like paranoia. When you’re traveling with cannabis, you probably at least sometimes get anxious about whether people can smell it on you.

This dread doesn’t go away just because you live in a legal area — perhaps you’re hanging with a crowd that’s not so 420-friendly, or just want to keep it low-key.

Breathe a sigh of relief. We’ve got answers that can help you out.

Even the darkest, most pungent cannabis strains are no match for the right storage setup.

Consider these tips so that you can store your joints with no problem.

Invest in Some Airtight Tubes

The key to discreetly storing your joints is to keep them out of contact with the air. This means you need containers that have no air leaks.

Bud smokers today use airtight tubes that allow the joint to keep its natural shape, maintain freshness for pleasant smoke, and don’t allow any odor to escape. These tubes are hard plastic and often come in a variety of fun styles and colors.

These tubes are perfect for smokers who like to roll or buy the biggest joints weed shops can offer since the tubes are long and thick.

Keep Your Joints in Glass Jars

If you’ve got space and don’t mind items that are a tad bit bulkier, you can’t go wrong with glass jars. These jars offer an airtight seal and plenty of protection so that your joints stay safe without leaking any smells.

Many shops give out jars with their custom dispensary packaging with every purchase.

If your dispensary doesn’t give out glass jars, you can always stop by your local grocery or department store and pick up a few mason jars. This gives your weed peak freshness so that you can store it for the long term.

Glass jars are also spacious no matter how much weed in a joint you use.

Use Vacuum Sealing Technology

Invest in a vacuum sealer if you want to leave nothing to chance when it comes to weed odors. No matter what types of joints weed smokers roll, vacuum sealing technology offers the perfect cover and storage.

You can store several joints in a zip fresh bag, seal it tight, and won’t have to worry about an aroma seeping out.

This is perfect for travel since you can throw your vacuum-sealed bags in a backpack or luggage and go about your business.

Buy Storage Containers That Look Like Everyday Items

For bud smokers that really want to get creative, there are a number of products you can buy that look just like everyday items. For instance, manufactures have come out with airtight weed storage containers that look just like soda cans, candy bars, or other items.

To the unaware, these items won’t raise the slightest bit of suspicion. But you’ll enjoy the benefit of protecting a weed joint or two while keeping the smell away.

Bring Your Joints With You Discreetly

Your joints will be stored for freshness and discretion when you consider the tips in this guide. Begin with the suggestions above so that you can put together the perfect kit for your joints or other cannabis needs.

There are different types of joints weed smokers love, and all of them will be protected using the information above.

We’ve got you covered when you want to learn more about all things related to cannabis culture. Bookmark our site and check out some weed articles that will help you out.

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