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It’s Settled! Here’s the Most Efficient Way to Smoke Weed

As the legalization of cannabis has swept the nation, there has been a flood of new products and strains. There are new edibles on the market like pies, sodas, gourmet chocolate, and other desserts. And there are also new strains that have exciting new medicinal and recreational qualities.

With all these new strains, there are new ways to enjoy them as well. From bongs to pipes to steamrollers to joints, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your cannabis. But if you’re new to smoking marijuana, it can be difficult to know what method to use when smoking.

In this article, we’ll tell you the best and most efficient way to smoke weed and why it’s right for you.

Smoking Weed: The Methods

To give you a better understanding of how to be efficient with your bud and get the best high, we’ll go over some of the basic methods of smoking weed. This will help you understand basic concepts like conserving weed and why certain methods are more effective and efficient than others.

Joints and Blunts

Two of the most famous methods of smoking — joints and blunts — are convenient and a pleasure to smoke. Made of cigarette or cigar papers, these are just like their tobacco counterparts. Just light up and inhale at your leisure. However, rolling that great looking joint or blunt is no easy feat.

It requires well-ground cannabis rolled and a steady hand to roll a great joint. And therein lies the problem. Most smokers are inexperienced at rolling joints, and while you may take the time to learn, a badly rolled joint can waste a lot of weed.

It might not burn or will burn too fast. It might even burn only on one side, called “canoeing.” They also require more weed than other methods, which makes them inefficient for single users. This method should be reserved for experienced smokers who know how to roll joints or a willing newcomer with the patience to learn.


Another popular and more ancient method, pipes and bongs have been around for centuries. Simple in design, pipes have a bowl at the end with a hole in the bottom where the weed is packed. At the bottom of the hole is a chamber that leads to a hole at the end of the pipe, where the user inhales.

The user lights the weed in the bowl and inhales at the same time, generating smoke. There is also a hole on the side of the bowl that allows you to “clear” the chamber of smoke, allowing for bigger hits.

Pipes allow you to pack as much weed as you want into the bowl, making it great for solo sessions or a quick smoke. There are many different types of pipes as well, which allows you to customize your experience and smoke out of a work of art.

For example, you could get a spoon bowl, which is a smaller, more basic design for a bowl. Or you could get a more exotic bowl, like a Sherlock pipe, which mimics the more traditional pipe design of Sherlock Holmes’ pipe.


With a more complicated design involving water filtration and cooling, bongs, or water pipes, are a very interesting way of smoking. A bong has a tube with a beaker at the bottom. On the side of the beaker is a “stem,” which is a glass tube protrudes through the glass into the bottom of the beaker. At the top of the stem sits a bowl, which contains marijuana.

The beaker is filled with water before smoking, and the user lights the marijuana while inhaling through the tube. Using negative pressure, the smoke is forced down the tube and into the water, which cools the smoke and filters it.

Bongs are great because the cooling effect allows you to take bigger hits. They also allow you to pack as much as you want into the bowl like pipes. The only thing that makes them inconvenient due to the large size and the fact that you need water to use them.


As one of the newest methods of smoking weed, vaporizing isn’t technically smoking weed. You still inhale to ingest cannabis, but instead of smoke, you inhale vaporized THC and other cannabinoids. With no smoke, this is by far the healthiest option for inhaling THC.

To vape marijuana, you’ll need a vape pen or a vape machine. Vape pens are more convenient with refillable cartridges and chambers, while vape machines allow you to vape larger quantities of weed and get larger hits.

Vaping is a great choice because it is healthier and allows for a clearer experience than traditional smoking. This makes it a great choice for medical patients as well. The only downside to vaping is that the equipment can be expensive and it can be inconvenient due to preparation like grinding and waiting for the machine to heat.

The Winner

After reviewing all of these methods, there are actually two methods that are the most effective for smoking weed.

If you’re on the go in the city or out in the wilderness, the ease and convenience of a pipe are unmatched. Easy to store, easy to pack, easy to smoke. Plus it allows you to smoke quickly and get back to your day, which also increases the convenience factor.

However, if you’re looking for an at-home smoking experience, vaporizers are the way to go. Although they are expensive, they allow you to get a great high and you can use your spent weed to make edibles or smoke joints. It won’t be near its original strength, but the leftover THC in the weed will still get you high.

Experience the Most Efficient Way to Smoke Weed Yourself

Now that you know a little more about the most efficient way to smoke weed, you can go out and try smoking a pipe or a vaporizer yourself. Make sure to head to your local dispensary or headshop for more advice about which pieces are the right fit for you and your smoking experience.

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