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Is CBD Oil Safe For Pets? And 5 Surprising Benefits of CBD For Dogs and Cats

Many dog and cat owners now know that CBD works for humans, but not many are familiar with how CBD works for dogs and cats. As pet owners, we’re often our pets’ biggest advocates. We spend a lot of time caring for our beloved pets.

And we want them to experience good health. CBD helps out our pets in five major ways, so let us learn more about that in this article.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of more than 100 compounds called cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), another well-known cannabinoid, CBD doesn’t produce a high or intoxication. Instead, CBD appears to ease anxiety (in both humans and pets) and pain; it may also have anti-seizure properties.

Cannabis plants come in two general varieties — marijuana (which contains THC) and hemp (which doesn’t). In states where cannabis is legal, CBD products are widely available, including oils that you apply under your pet’s tongue (sublingual administration) or topicals that you spread on their skin. Your options may be limited to internet purchases if you live in a state where cannabis is illegal; although the legality of CBD varies from state to state.

Is CBD Oil Safe For Pets?

CBD is becoming more popular for its effectiveness for humans and animals alike. There are many products on the market now, including treats, oils, tinctures, and capsules that have high-quality CBD. These products have been shown to positively affect dogs and cats who suffer from seizures, inflammation, chronic pain, and even cancer.

CBD oil is not only safe for your pets but can be beneficial to them as well. CBD comes in many forms and can be administered to your pet in different ways. It can help your pet deal with pain and anxiety associated with certain diseases.

So to answer the question, is CBD safe for pets?

Yes, CBD is safe for pets. In fact, it’s one of the safest things you can give your furry friend. Here are some reasons why:

  • CBD is a non-toxic compound that doesn’t pose risks of overdose or addiction.
  • CBD also has no known negative side effects and is well tolerated in dogs, even in large doses.
  • The World Health Organization agrees, stating there are “no known public health risks” and “no evidence of any public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.”

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Your Cats and Dogs

CBD for pets is a popular choice in the veterinary community. Unlike traditional medicine, CBD causes no harmful side effects, and it can be used long-term without risk of overdose or addiction.

Below are some benefits of CBD for dog’s and cat’s:

CBD may help manage your pet’s pain.

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system, which means they can benefit from CBD just like humans. CBD helps to manage pain by enhancing the effects of neurotransmitters in the brain. This could be especially helpful for animals who are suffering from arthritis or injuries.

CBD helps with anxiety issues in animals.

If your pet suffers from anxiety, CBD can help by reducing their stress and allowing them to relax. Pets who suffer from separation anxiety, for example, can benefit from CBD oil or treats when they are left alone for long periods of time.

CBD may help pets with cancer-related symptoms.

A study published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science found that dogs with osteosarcoma, which is a type of bone cancer, benefited greatly from CBD oil treatments. The study found that “dogs treated with cannabidiol experienced significantly less pain and increased activity levels compared to the control group receiving vehicle treatment only; this effect was maintained throughout the study.

CBD can help with arthritis pain in pets.

Arthritis is a common condition that affects dogs as they age and causes them pain and stiffness when moving around. CBD can help with this by relieving inflammation and pain in the joints.

A study of CBD oil use in dogs with osteoarthritis found that 86% of the dogs who received the oil had some level of pain relief. The owners reported an improvement in their dogs’ quality of life and mobility.

CBD can also treat seizures in dogs.

CBD oil helps to minimize seizures in epileptic dogs. It can also reduce the number of seizures in dogs with epilepsy. If you have a dog that suffers from seizures, CBD oil is a great way to help him or her live a normal life.

Cannabis has been proven to be an effective treatment for seizures in humans and animals, but it’s not always legal. You may be wondering how CBD oil can help your dog with seizures. It’s important to note that there are some differences between cannabis and CBD oil, but both of these substances can be used to treat dogs who suffer from seizures.

How Can I Give My Pets CBD Oil?

You can give your pets CBD oil in a variety of ways. The first way is by placing the oil directly into their mouth. If you have a dog, you can place it on their tongue, and they will normally swallow it with no problems. If you have a cat, they may fight you a little bit, but don’t give up! You can also put it right onto the back of your pet’s tongue. They should swallow it quickly since the taste is not great to them.

You can also mix the CBD oil into your pet’s food or water bowl. For example, if you have a dog or cat, you can put some in with their kibble or canned food, or even right in their water bowl. This is a great way to get them to take it, especially if they are picky about taking supplements.



Whether it’s a natural health supplement for animals or hemp-derived CBD oil, investing in CBD products for your pet may be the best decision you make for both of you this year. The benefits just keep coming: less anxiety, more energy and enthusiasm, a healthier heart, and a softer coat. And it won’t stop there—the years of frequent pet use could lead to some unexpected side effects like an improved immune system and even cancer prevention.

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