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Is CBD Oil Safe for Cats?

Since cannabis has increased in legality across the USA, there have been a lot of discussions about whether or not it is safe, or indeed has the health benefits people talk about.

In actual fact, cannabis oil has a lot of benefits for general health and is used by a lot of people as a supplement. However, cannabis oil is also sold as a supplement for pets, and a lot of people wonder whether it is safe to give cats and dogs something we tend to associate with recreational drug use.

So, is CBD oil for cats safe, and if so why would you give it to your pet?

CBD Oil Won’t Get Your Cat Stoned

One of the main problems people have with giving cannabis products to their pets is that they worry that it will make their dog or cat stoned. CBD oil is designed to remove the THC – the component of marijuana that causes the ‘stoned’ effect – and keep only the cannabinoids that have beneficial health effects. This means that when you buy a CBD oil product aimed at dogs or cats, it won’t have the ‘stoned’ effect, and is simply aimed at helping your pet stay in the best possible health.

What Can CBD Oil Do to Help My Cat?

The main reason why CBD oil is becoming popular as a supplement for both humans and pets is its anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabis has been used medicinally for pain relief for centuries and has recently become accepted as a useful drug for pain relief medicinally in the past few years. In a cat, it can offer those same advantages in terms of mobility and reduced pain, and this can be especially beneficial if you have an older cat who is starting to find movement less easy. Cats get stiff with age just like people, and CBD oil can really help them move more freely and flexibly again.

CBD oil can also help your cat by giving them a good nutrient complex. CBD oil is nutrient dense, and this means that a lot of the things your cat needs to stay in good health are included.

How Do I Give My Cat CBD Oil?

It is well known that trying to get a cat to take any kind of medicine is hard. Cats really don’t like swallowing pills, even when they are good for them! However, there are easy ways to add CBD oil to your cat’s diet. You can start introducing it with their meals by adding the oil to the food they eat. This can be a good way to start getting your cat to take in CBD oil without any drama! Just add drops of the CBD oil to the cat’s normal feeding schedule.

As you can see, CBD oil is recommended as a good health supplement for both cats and dogs, so if you have a cat and are interested in the benefits that giving him CBD oil might bring, it is well worth trying.

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