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How to Pass a Urine Test in The Modern Era?

There are tons of content all over the internet describing how you can pass a urine drug test.

In this modern era, passing this drug test is crucial, especially if you are fighting for the custody of your kids, searching for a job, or looking to stay out of prison.

Therefore, to ensure you do not find yourself in these compromising situations, here are four tips on how you can pass a urine test.


This entails drinking as much water as you can to dilute the urine sample. According to this theory, the more water there is in your urine sample, the fewer the number of metabolites present. Whereas this method could work, there is a likelihood that testers will notice that your urine is extremely watery.

Therefore, to avoid raising the suspicion of the tester, you can take Vitamin B12 or Vitamin B approximately an hour before taking the test to improve your urine’s color. Consequently, this will ensure you do not get a positive result, but the testers are likely to ask for another test in the future. Fortunately, this will only buy you additional time to detoxify.

Synthetic Urine

If you are suddenly required to take a urine test, synthetic urine is undoubtedly the best way to go despite not being the most fool-proof technique. Modern formulas of synthetic urine are almost identical to that of real urine such that most drug testers cannot identify any difference. Nevertheless, you must confirm the synthetic urine temperature is accurate.

There are numerous synthetic urine dispending gadgets on the market. It is up to you to carry out thorough research on which works best, its features as well as ease of using it. However, the success of this technique depends on the strictness of the testers. Therefore, you will have to hide the synthetic urine sample somewhere in your body where they cannot see it.

Detox Naturally

It is among the safest urine detoxification methods as it is all-natural. The main benefits of this detox method is that it will not arouse the suspicion of testers and is safe. However, its main drawback is that you need plenty of time for it to take effect. This is because it essentially involves taking a lot of water and possibly using a type of laxative to cleanse out your system entirely.

Detox Programs and Drinks

Using a detox drink is another way of passing a urine drug test scheduled for the same day. These detox drinks are not meant to assist you diet but are scientifically formulated to make your urine clean for a particular duration. Additionally, these drinks have precise instructions that you must follow for the test to come out as clean. Nevertheless, you will be needed to take this drink at a specific time before taking the test and wait for the test without peeing.

Despite detox drinks being very effective, they have a limited duration which they are useful because they only give you one shot. Moreover, you must follow the instructions as instructed or else risk failing the drug test.

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