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How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test

First off, this article does not promote drug use.  So, it’s time you to start finding a job, or maybe you have just been surprised you with a marijuana drug test; whatever the reason, you are a patient, are level-headed, responsible, and just need to get the test out of the way and act quickly.  

Although fooling a test can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing, passing a marijuana drug test is not so difficult if you have the resources. In this article, we’ll show you how to pass various drug tests using a variety of different methods. Please do your additional research and do not trust this information completely without doing your research. We will not be liable for the results of your test and it is up to you to do what you will with this knowledge as it is here for educational and research purposes only.

How to Pass a Urine Marijuana Drug Test

Urine tests are one of the most common tests given by an employer.  If a urine sample is being given for employment, ask around if you are able to see if the testers watch the sample go into the cup.  If they do not, you can use clean urine or synthetic urine to pass the test.  One complication to this is the tester may check your urine’s temperature to match your body temperature.  You might accomplish this by using heatpads, however make sure the heat pads are dying down and that you do not overheat the urine.  Urine has an average temperature of 100 degrees.  Many urine tests for employment bypass pre-testing and send the sample directly to the lab.  In the  case of a urine test, and if time allows, total abstinence is recommended from any drug use unless you know you that you are not going to be watched.   Detox drinks can be unreliable and this is the most effective way to pass 100% if you are not being monitored.

How to Pass a Blood Marijuana Drug Test

Unlike a Urine Drug Test, your options for passing a Blood Drug Test are quite limited. The only chance at successfully passing a blood drug test is by using a detoxifier before the drug test is administered.  The best detoxifiers are are quite expensive, however, a high quality, moderately priced detoxifying program is much better and cheaper than court and potential jail time for an unfair drug conviction, for those testing for such tests. As with any detoxification program, make sure you read instructions and follow them exactly as instructed.

How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test

Saliva Drug Tests are less common than Urine & Blood tests, but if your employer wants one, you need to be prepared. A special mouthwash formulated for removing drug toxins is usually that way to go to pass these types of tests. These mouthwashes are often available in a convenient, easy-to-stash size and work within minutes.  It is suggested to test the mouthwash with a 6 panel Saliva Drug Test (these can be purchased online with mouthwashes). Using a Saliva Drug Test will help you detect if your saliva will pass.  See this link for more info: http://mouthswabdrugtests.com/my-personal-story-on-how-i-passed-a-hair-drug-test/

How To Pass a Hair Follicle Marijuana Drug Test

If a hair sample is required, you can purchase detoxifying shampoos online or locally.  Bleaching your hair and dying it back to your natural hair color prior to the test should also work.   The idea is to “wash away” or compromise the trapped detectable toxins in your hair follicle.  As with any detoxification program, make sure you read instructions and follow them exactly as instructed.

Total Detox Friend

To cleanse the body of toxins is not hard, it just involves some solid advice and solutions to cleanse the body that are built on common sense, not wishful thinking.  Total Detox Friend offers a proven formula that was developed by 3 Forensic Scientists who have worked in Body Detoxification for over 10 years.  They offer a 60 day 100% money back guarantee for any reason you are not satisfied.  They also offer
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Additional Reference: http://articles.best4drugtest.com/how-to-pass-marijuana-urine-drug-test.html

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