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How to Make CBD Tea with Hemp Flower

CBD tea is hands down one of the best ways to enjoy cannabidiol. Just like your normal cup of tea, it is affordable and very easy to make. In general, taking cannabidiol extracts can be a bitter experience. Some forms of extracts leave an awful aftertaste, but with this CBD tea recipe… it is a whole new experience!

How knowledgable are you when it comes to brewing a potent CBD tea using hemp? In this piece, we talk about all that you need to know in order to brew the best CBD tea in the world, filled with a wide range of CBD benefits and a great taste. We will also answer the most popular questions that you may have regarding CBD tea made from hemp.

Are you ready to start brewing some tea? Just so we are all on the same page, let’s first cover the basics…

What is CBD tea?

Most of us have heard that cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound belonging to the phytocannabinoid group of cannabis plants, but here is something that many CBD aficionados may not even know…

Did you know that CBD tea is quite different from CBD infused tea? Sure thing! These two things sound the same but are somehow different? How is that possible?

CBD tea is made from whole parts of the hemp plant such as the flowers, stems, or leaves. In this method, the CBD trickles down into the cup of tea as you stir it. On the other hand, CBD infused tea is made from adding some CBD oil extract to your normal cup of tea. Just like you would add some honey.

The difference comes in how these two cups of tea are made. And guess what? It affects most of their aspects including taste, aroma, benefits, and effects. When making tea with the raw hemp plant, you get a true “full plant experience”, mimicking the taste and effects of the hemp that you use.

How do you make hemp tea?

Actually, it is not a complex process. As you will note, this recipe is a very light one!

What you will need

  • Freshly ground hemp flower, leaves, or stems. Hemp flower has the highest levels of CBD and other beneficial plant compounds. Stems and leaves will provide lesser potency CBD tea, so you may need to use a much larger amount of stems or simply use less hemp flower in order to achieve your desired potency level.
  • A cup or two of full-fat milk. For a vegan alternative, you can use coconut or hemp milk. The higher the fat content the better.
  • A cup of water
  • Your preferred type of tea
  • Honey or freshly cut lemon

Directions for making hemp tea

  1. Boil the water in a kettle
  2. Put the teabag in a cup and pour the hot water over it. Do not fill it up.
  3. Stir up the tea and leave it to brew for 2-5 minutes
  4. Add the full-fat milk into the cup of tea. You can skip adding any milk to your tea if you like. However, the essence of doing it is to get the hydrophobic (water-fearing) CBD to diffuse into the fat in the milk.
  5. Add the freshly grounded hemp flower and stir. Leave the mixture to settle for at least 5 minutes so the CBD gets sucked up entirely.
  6. Sieve the tea into a new cup and add some honey or squeeze a lemon to taste. You can then warm the tea by heating it up via the stovetop or as desired.

What are the benefits of drinking CBD tea?

  • You get full-spectrum CBD. Unlike pure CBD oil isolate that you can infuse in an already made cup of tea, using parts of the hemp plant for your CBD tea adds all the important phytocannabinoids and phytochemicals to your cup. Full-spectrum CBD supports longer-lasting effects. A research article published on Pubmed in February 2020 explains how phytochemicals such as terpenes complement the health benefits of CBD.
  • No bad aftertaste. Some tinctures and other oral CBD products such as sublingual made from CBD may leave you with a bad aftertaste. Some CBD isolate products may be tasteless, but those that are, will not provide the same effects. The full spectrum products always have the raw whole plant bitter taste. This recipe gives you the full plant experience without the bad taste! All in all, hemp tea only leaves you yearning to brew more. You are also given the opportunity to sweeten it as you like.
  • The healthy option of taking CBD for everyone. CBD tea is the healthiest way to enjoy all the benefits of cannabidiol.
  • Easy to prepare and saves you time. How was the recipe for making CBD tea? It is as simple as making your usual tea, plus throwing the hemp flower into the mix. Fortunately, there are no technical processes.
  • Extremely cheap and affordable. The potency in one cup of this hemp tea will cost you literally fractions of the cost of a store-bought product of similar strength. One gram of hemp flower typically has anywhere from 50-200mg of full-spectrum CBD.
  • No overprocessed CBD. You will never again think about going for processed CBD after you know how to prepare the best CBD tea. You get fully organic CBD squeezed straight into your cup. Nearly all CBD extraction processes use chemical solvents that can even be found leftover in the CBD products themselves. Especially given this unregulated CBD industry, why take that chance?

How long does it take CBD tea to kick in?

This is one of the most asked questions about CBD tea. It is a no brainer that when you want to enjoy the benefits of CBD, you would prefer them to kick in ASAP… So how long does it take before you can feel the effects kick in?

Well, the answer is “it depends”. The CBD tea has to go through the digestive system before it gets absorbed into direct circulation. CBD interacts with receptors in the endocannabinoid system in our bodies first. Only after this happens will you start feeling the effects. It is almost immediately after the CBD starts circulating for the interaction to happen!

For a substantial part of the CBD to be absorbed into circulation, it takes around an hour. However, you may start to feel the beneficial effects much earlier than this. The initial effects could appear within 10minutes of drinking CBD tea, but could even take as long as 2 hours for some. It really depends on your personal digestive system and what you have eaten that day. But remember, CBD absorbs best with a good amount of fat ingested shortly before or after it’s taken, so an empty stomach may not always be the most effective option, which is why we recommend brewing with high-fat milk. Either way, you will undoubtedly fall in love when you witness the power of a true, potent, full-spectrum CBD/Hemp Tea!

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