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How to Get Rid of the Cannabis Smell

Cannabis is a small plant and a psychoactive drug. It has various medicinal and recreational purposes. As Cannabis is a flower, its primary function is to produce the terpenes, organic molecules and other chemicals. It provides more than 100 terpenes. 

The sticky bud of this flower attract the pollinators and increases the medicinal benefits of the Cannabis plant, but it has a very unique and strong smell.

If you are looking for handy tricks to get rid of the Cannabis smell in your house in a hurry, then read on this post till its end. Because in this post, we will explain in detail how you can get rid of the Cannabis smell.

Carbon and Charcoal Filters

The best way to combat the cannabis smell from your house is to use the carbon and charcoal filters. These filters are readily available in markets and online stores and help in removing the unwanted odor of Cannabis. The carbon and charcoal filters come with millions of small pores between the atoms of carbon. At first, these pores attract organic compounds. This process of trapping the contaminants into the pore structure is known as Adsorption. After the process of Adsorption, the pores chemically absorb the molecules, remove the impurities and pollutants and purifies the atmosphere. In short, if you want a highly effective method to get rid of cannabis odour, then do not hesitate to use carbon and charcoal filters!

Use a good air freshener such as Ozium

If you want to combat the cannabis smell in your house, one of the most effective ways is to use a good air freshener such as Ozium. Ozium is a great air freshener and a sanitizer. It can be used at homes or for professional purpose. Ozium has a lemon and vanilla scent and is popular due to its natural characteristics. It has an excellent capability to mask the odour of Cannabis from your house. In short, a professional air freshener like Ozium is a thing that every cannabis enthusiast should consider.


You can also switch to the use of vaporizers. Vaporizers are also an excellent method to consume the smell of CBD. The plus point of using vaporizers is that they heat the Cannabis and burn it. They do not create combustion while burning it and do not generate smell. Some essential tips should be kept in mind when you are vaping. Because if you do not do vaping correctly, it will produce a strong odor.

Use a good air purifier

Using a good air purifier is one of the fantastic ways of getting rid of the cannabis smell and contaminants from the air. It removes 98 per cent of the toxins. One of the best air purifiers is a Levoit air purifier. It takes approximately one hour to remove the cannabis smell entirely from your house. You can turn it on throughout the day. In short, going for the option of air purifiers is a long term investment indeed.

All the ways mentioned above are most commonly used to control the smell of Cannabis. You can also go for odor free bags. Visit Level 1620 for a collection of smell proof bags.

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