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How to Get a Medical Cannabis Prescription

If you have been thinking of getting a cannabis prescription, the first thing you need to understand is that it will depend on the state you live in. Getting a medical cannabis prescription will also depend on what condition you’re suffering from.

Different states have different rules and regulations surrounding obtaining medical weed legally. This means the first thing you should do is check your state for regulations for the condition you have.

What is a Cannabis Prescription?

Marijuana is illegal under federal law and it’s not as easy to get a prescription as it is for other medications. It is only strictly recommended if a patient will actually benefit as part of their treatment. Some States only allow this for conditions like epilepsy or even cancer.

So How Do You Get a Cannabis Prescription?

If cannabis treatment is legal in the state you live in, getting a prescription doesn’t have to be that hard. The only thing you have to do is look for a doctor who is willing to give you a prescription for your condition.

Who Has Permission to Authorize Cannabis Prescriptions?

All licensed doctors in your state can provide you with medical cannabis if you need it. If your illness happens to be on the list of illnesses that a treatable by cannabis legally, then you can get it. Once the doctor assesses your condition, they will give you a recommendation and permission to purchase, possess, and consume medical marijuana. You might even get permission to grow the cannabis yourself.

Once the doctor approves your recommendation, you can find a dispensary that offers medical marijuana. You need to go with your medical marijuana card and the certification you receive from the doctor if your state requires it. You will also have to have a form of identification that proves you are a resident of that state.

At this point, it is very important that you know exactly which kind of medical cannabis you need to be treated with. There are so many marijuana strains and a wide variety of products that can help you. However, you need to get it right and take the right strain. Your doctor can recommend that you take edibles, tonics, tinctures, or other forms of treatment depending on your condition.

Recreational vs Medical Cannabis

If you happen to be using cannabis for recreation purposes, whether legally or illegally, it is very important for you to understand the implications of self-medication. You should not be using any kind of medication for the repeated reasons if you don’t have a doctor supervision. It can be dangerous if you use cannabis undiagnosed. The best thing for you to do is see a doctor so they can diagnose your exact problem and give you a cannabis prescription.

If possibly you smoke cannabis for depression, pain or insomnia, talk to a doctor to find out whether cannabis is safe for you and whether they’ll give you a prescription.


Getting a medical cannabis prescription is not hard. As long as your state allows it, see a doctor and ask them to give you a prescription for your condition. If the state does not allow it, then it might get trickier than that. However, the doctor will give you better options for you or condition.

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