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How to Find the Best Cannabis Lawyer?

Whether you are trying to open a cannabis business or are accused of possession, you definitely need a good attorney. The medical and recreational use of cannabis is still illegal under the federal law of the United States but policies about it vary greatly at the state level.

Specifically, in Arizona, licensed doctors can recommend a marijuana dosage for medical purposes.

They can prescribe it to someone who has one medical qualifying condition, at least. With this, the patient can get a card that will allow him to buy and use cannabis. The law states that an individual with a prescription can get 2.5 ounces tops.

The other part of the law states that if you possess the right qualifications, you can grow 12 plants for your use as a patient or for others if they need them.

However, in 2016, the initiative for the legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes didn’t see the light. The initiative failed with 48.7%, thus making recreational use illegal in this country.

That’s precisely why you will need a good lawyer if you are caught using, possessing, or distributing. In this guide, you will find tips and a couple of pieces of advice on how to find a good cannabis lawyer to defend your case. To keep reading about this topic, please follow the link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis_in_Arizona.

First things first, research

The first thing everyone recommends no matter your problem or situation is to browse the internet a bit. It is true that sometimes it can give misguiding advice, but there is a lot of useful information as well.

The best advantage of the internet is that almost anyone has access to it. Therefore, everyone with similar experience to yours could have potentially shared it on some platform on the internet. You can read about experiences and see how to proceed further.

Moreover, you can look up good lawyers and see if you find anyone who suits your needs. The main thing to focus on is learning about your case and what option you have in reality. Studying your case is of great importance to you.

You will not be over-ambitious nor over modest when it comes to the sentence. Although the internet can be useful in the first steps of the process, you can’t entirely rely on it. That’s when you need to contact a professional. For example, in Arizona, a couple of quality lawyers have successful cases behind them and could help you.


Before getting involved in any kind of situation, you should talk to a couple of lawyers you think are right to defend your case. Your conversation is strictly confidential and at many free. So, the best way to discuss your case is to make an appointment and see what the expert has to say. From then on, you can decide which lawyer seems the best.

Another great advice when it comes to the consultation is home one. What does that mean? Well, the people who wish you the best are your family and friends, no matter the consequences. So you should ask them for advice and see if they know someone who has experience in situations similar or the same as yours.

Maybe they can recommend someone who has an excellent reputation and proved useful in the past. This could potentially save you time and money. Why should you hire a cannabis lawyer and not defend yourself?

Experience, experience, experience

The most important thing a lawyer has and the greatest advantage over you is the knowledge and experience. They have been in a similar situation like yours and defended many cases that easily correlate with yours.

This means that they know exactly what they are doing. If you think you can defend yourself for a moment, just think about all the laws you are not aware existed. They know how to choose words to present you in the best possible light.

They are familiar with the courtroom and are comfortable in it. This means that they feel free to talk and concentrate only on your case and not something else. Moreover, they have the necessary circles of people to find news and updates on your case and the laws.

You are probably not familiar with every section and subsection of the law. You could do more damage by defending yourself. A good lawyer with a successful history knows the tricks on how to reduce your sentence. They know what exactly to focus on and where does your best shot lie.

Money and time-saving process

At first, you may think this is an expensive process, and it will cost you less to stand your case by yourself. This is very unlike to happen because, as mentioned above, you don’t have the necessary experience.

This means that first, you don’t know how to go over the evidence, what is considered evidence, and where to look for every small part. You don’t possess the skills to create a tactic and to find the best standing point. Read more here.

On the other hand, a professional and skilled lawyer knows exactly how to play the cards. He will easily find the weak spots of your case and focus on working with the strong ones. This means that in a short period of time, he will finish your case.

From this, it can be concluded that you will spend less time in the courtroom and therefore less money on trials. It is not worth mentioning the importance of the saved time.

If you defend your case without a lawyer, you could spend months scratching the surface of the information you need to know. In the end, you won’t be prepared. You will pay more money, and you will have already lost a year to the effort.

Keep in mind that although the process seems easy on TV, it could be really stressful in real life. The professionals know how to handle this stress and how to work with the evidence. It is better for you to hire a good lawyer to avoid the stress, save time, save money, and get the best possible sentence you could.

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