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How to Fill Cannabis Industry Jobs Like a Pro

In 2019, there will be a 76% increase in cannabis jobs. If you’re an employer, what does that mean? There’s no better time to hire for your cannabis company than now.

But how do you fill cannabis industry jobs? Continue reading and know how to hire and retain the best staff.

Don’t Only Hire Those with Marijuana Industry Experience

While hiring an employee with marijuana industry experience is nice, it should be a perk rather than a requirement.

The marijuana industry is only a few years old, and many states still have strict laws regarding the sale of cannabis.

While the marijuana industry has hired many talented individuals, most of your applicants will likely have more experience outside of the cannabis industry.

Hiring outside of the cannabis industry will likely benefit your business. The marijuana business is still growing, and you should be open to the experience and new ideas your staff can bring to the table.

The cannabis industry is also versatile. Cannabis products range from dry herb and concentrate on food and beverages and even skincare products. You’ll need talented individuals with experience selling these types of products.

Cannabis also has many niches.

Accounting is a perfect example. While it’s best to hire or outsource an accountant with experience working with cannabis laws, any talented accountant can at least prepare your essential financial and tax documents.

Hiring outside of the cannabis industry not only benefits you, but it also benefits your applicants. Many of these applicants may feel passionate about cannabis and want a job in the industry.

Look for Talent

If you post Cannabis jobs  on a job board, there’s no guarantee an A-list candidate will apply.

Definitely continue posting your ads on job boards and open up the visibility of your open position. However, you should also do your part in reaching out to talent.

How do you find talented cannabis employees? Social media will be your biggest benefit here. Sources such as LinkedIn can highlight a candidate’s talent and experience, helping you connect with the candidates you want.

You can also try a cannabis-specific recruiting company and job board. These sources can match you with talented cannabis professionals to help your business grow. Continue reading for cannabis recruiting advice.

Other great strategies include outsourcing a staffing agency, networking at cannabis events and conferences, and even reaching out to your cannabis colleagues.

Highlight the Benefits of Your Company

With widespread cannabis growth, more businesses are forming. This means more competition for you and a risk to lose your talented employees to a competitor.

Ensure you’re promoting your company well. Highlight the benefits of working for your company. For example, state your offer competitive salaries and include the benefits you offer.

You can also emphasize the location of your job.

For example, if you work in a beautiful location, describe this in the job ad. If there are work from home opportunities and other ways you’re more flexible with scheduling, this is can attract plenty of talent away from your competitors.

Other important benefits to point out include stating any rewards you won, your rank (“we’re the highest-rated dispensary in the city” or equivalent), and even your Glassdoor rating.

Offer Better Salaries

We mention offering competitive salaries in the last tip, but it’s essential to emphasize this.

In many cities, the cost of living is increasing but wages aren’t. If you truly want to attract and retain the best staff, prove you know their worth by offering a higher salary than the competition.

How do you know the salary to offer? Conduct salary research for the position you’re hiring and increase the salary.

For example, budtenders earn about $13/h on average. If you’re hiring for a budtender, increase the wage to $14/h or even $15/h.

Another tactic you can try is asking the candidate for their salary requirements. This helps inform them you care about providing the salary they deserve.

Be Responsible During the Interview Process

The interview process is the first chance you get to really sit down with a candidate and talk to them. But unlike other businesses, the marijuana industry is typically very relaxed.

You’ll likely interview candidates who are passionate about marijuana.

Instead of shooting the breeze about your favorite strains and cannabis products, be sure you take the interview process very seriously.

You’ll likely get as many unqualified candidates who want a “cool marijuana job” as well as candidates who will take your business to new levels. You need to learn how to separate these candidates.

Always ask about their experience and skills, especially if they don’t have cannabis experience.

Ask how their previous experience will benefit their role with your company. If they provide solid answers, they’re not only passionate about cannabis but also have an impressive work background and experience.

Contact Previous Employers

Did your employee provide references and contact information for previous employers? Take time to contact these professionals.

While interviewing a candidate is always effective, interviewing has its limitations. Contacting their previous employers and colleagues will help gain better insight into the candidates.

But be open-minded. For example, you can’t always trust another company’s opinion if they have a negative work environment. This is why you should ask specific questions regarding the candidate’s reliability and job performance.

Fill Those Cannabis Industry Jobs!

The cannabis industry is growing and there are more cannabis industry jobs. However, you want to ensure your cannabis business hires the best staff. Use this advice and hire the best team!

Are you still trying to expand your cannabis knowledge? Continue reading our website and see how we can help!

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