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How to Extract CBN

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear CBN? You may probably be having a hard time guessing. We have decided to save you the time and stress by explaining the whole concept and also show you how it is extracted.

Most times, people think that CBN is the same as CBD. They get to know about CBN when they start noticing sleep defects, pains, or loss of appetite. This might be caused by stress, underlying illness, and reaction to chemicals in the body. Other conditions like paranoia and anxiety can be treated with CBN.

CBN also called cannabinol is a clear whitish oil extracted from aging tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is one of the chemical compounds present in hemp and marijuana. Like Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol (CBG), it is one of the amazing derivatives of cannabis that contains numerous benefits for the body.

Cannabinol is usually added as an ingredient in most CBD oil products. It is used as a complementary substance that keeps the body in good shape. However, not much is known about how to extract CBN because of the limited research on the subject and because of the issue of the legality of cannabis.

We have outlined the uses of cannabinol and how they can be gotten from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). To know more, keep reading as we explain in more detail.

How to Extract CBN- Materials and Tools Needed

To extract CBN, there is a need for the following materials and equipment:

  • Direct chilling apparatus or cold trap. This equipment helps to stabilize the temperature when the extraction is ongoing.
  • Alcohol extractor. You can decide to use the CUP series
  • This helps to aid the separation
  • Film Distillers
  • Hemp processing system
  • Glass reactor
  • Rotary evaporator

These materials are readily available. Also, they are used for the four (4) methods of extracting Cannabinol. If you need help on the materials, you can visit: to learn more about them.

Basic Methods of CBN Extraction

The following are some extraction methods used:

Aging Method

This technique is the traditional, natural, and simple extraction process from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It involves allowing it to dry out for as long as possible. As it dries out, it turns a fine powdery substance that can be further processed into oil. This method requires time and patience.

Heat Method

This method is one of the modern techniques evolved to reduce the time required in the aging method. This process involves exposing THC to heat levels above 320°F for 15 minutes. The heat aids decarboxylation, breaking down Delta-9 THC to produce CBN.

Ultra-Violet Light Method

This method acts as an alternative to the heat method. Ultra-violet contains electromagnetic wavelength visible light used to degrade THC compounds. As in the same process as the heat method, it requires getting biomass that has a high concentration of CBN a like lemon kush, blackberry, or bubble gum through which light can permeate to separate the CBN from other compounds.

Distillation Method – Using CO2 or Ethanol

This method is the most common method used by most extractors to manufacture large amounts of pure CBN oil at a time. It is a scientific procedure. First of all, you have to expose your cannabis biomass to Ultraviolet light to aid aging, soak the biomass in ethanol or CO2, separate the solvent from the extract with a separator, then use heat to eliminate the solvent.

After this first stage, you move on to distill the crude extract. It is done by using a film distiller and a liquid chromatography device. This technique ensures that the oil is absolutely pure. If you find it difficult knowing when the oil has been extracted, you can check out this video on how to make your own.


There are different methods of extracting CBN. Each method has its process, and we have outlined them in this article. However, it is important that you have adequate knowledge of the pros and cons. This will go a long way to guide you in getting the right outcome.

Therefore, before extraction, carry out extensive research, make inquiries from professional extractors, and ensure that all your equipment is ready. There are lots of benefits that come with it so you should give it a try.

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