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How to Choose the Right Cannabis Seed

There are many options for buying cannabis seeds. You can either go to a local supplier, but the most common is finding a reputable place online.

Most countries have strict laws, so shopping online can be risky. Often you must proceed at your own risk. Many cannabis seed seedbanks ship offer worldwide shipping, so wherever you are, you can find seeds available for shipment to your county. Make sure to check your country’s laws and regulations before making a cannabis seed purchase online.

What Seed Should You Choose?

With an abundance of cannabis varieties to choose from, the common consumer is faced with a big task – what kind of marijuana strain should you grow? What strain will perform well in your environment? How many seeds should you get?

Trusted Supplier

First things first.  When purchasing seeds, it is necessary and important to select a trusted seed bank to place your faith in. Seed companies with a good reputation, who stand by their products and offer superior genetics at a relatively low price for the consumer are your ideal and best bet.


Cannabis seeds fit into three categories; Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid (combination of both). Breeders often cross strains to change the properties of the originals strains for various reasons.   Main reasons are to increase yield, potency, or to strengthen the plant to achieve more consistent results.

Some strains of Cannabis are harder to grow than others, and some have been engineered to be easy to grow and are resistant to pests and are able to handle more stress. The less experienced the grower, the more important it is to choose an easy strain to grow.

When looking for the right seed, do research on genetic traits and learn as much you can about its variety.  Cold climate growers might select a strain  that will finish their flowering cycle before winter.  If you are growing outdoors, it is important to find marijuana strains that are hardy.  Will your strain handle your growing climate, and is the strain prone to mold or powdery mildew?  Will the strain be able to finish flowering in your environment?

Cannabis seeds come in all sizes, and often sell in packs, with better deals in bulk options.  Cannabis seeds sold online are either regular or feminized.

Regular seed will produce male and female cannabis plants when germinated, while feminized seed will produce virtually all female cannabis plants.

Feminized vs Autoflower Seeds

Feminized Seeds

Growers often look for feminized seeds for the advantages that feminized seed are sure to bud female plants.  Most growers look for seedless female marijuana buds AKA sensimilla.

Feminized Seeds can be grown indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, hydroponic, or in soil, and these seeds will still be perfect for the grower. They are also far more stable and typically deliver a much higher rate of potency.  Look for a reputable seed bank like that guarantees their seeds when buying feminized.

Regular Seeds

Regular seed is more stable, and has less of a chance of hermaphroditic traits. Regular seeds are more natural and is how the marijuana intended to reproduce in nature.

For growers who wish to produce their own seeds, the male plants are an important part of the process; the pollen from the male plant is used to fertilize the female plant in order to produce seeds.

Naturally grown seeds tend to supply roughly 50% male and 50% female seeds; this can vary from crop to crop but is usually in favor of the female seeds.

If you are looking for more cost effective seeds, regular seeds are they way to go, although, they can give you problems down the line.

Autoflowing Seeds

For growers who grow cannabis indoors or outdoors, autoflower/autoflowing cannabis seeds are beginning to be more popular.  Autoflowing seeds do not respond the length of light given to them.  They flower on their own genetic time-cycle, and unlike normal marijuana genetics, that are photosensitive (respond to light hours), this opens up many possibilities for indoor growers who have access to constant 24 hour light.

Auto Flowering seeds are very useful as they can be kept short in stature without causing any damage or stress to the plant itself.  They are practical for growing in an outdoor city environment.  Many other strains are somewhat stressed out by the amount or artificial lighting up, Auto Flowering plants are not.

Autoflowering seeds and strains are of a lower potency, but many strains produce a desirable effect.  Check out They guaranteed high quality auto flowering and 100% feminized seeds.

Both negative and positive aspects should be considered before opting for any type of cannabis seeds.   As cannabis has grown in popularity, you now you can get the best quality cannabis seeds in the market without paying a hefty price.


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