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How to Assemble your Own Indoor Grow

Have you ever thought of cannabis cultivation indoors?  If yes, then you may have been got through various questions such as, Should I need to buy a grow tent? Should I need to set up a grow room?

Guide to Setting Up Your Own Grow Room

If you decided to go with the second thought of setting up a grow room, then we will suggest you start by turning an ordinary room into an indoor grow set up and avoid needing to spend a ridiculous amount of money. Follow this complete guide to assemble your own indoor grow cabinet and get the best harvests.  Read out the article to find out how to set up a marijuana grow room.

Find Out the Proper Space

The initial step before setting the grow room is to find a proper space for it. Choose an area that is out of the way with no traffic at all. You need to focus on the amount of the plants you plan to grow, the type of plants you grow, and how to supply the electricity to room to fulfill the light requirements of the room. Mapping a proper plan before taking a big step will save your time and money.

Remove everything in the room except ceiling, walls, and floor for making it grow room. If you find a space in the basement of the house, it is the best place away from the noise and any other distractions. You will need to place the light ballasts in the room, which will help the room to keep its temperature maintained. If you are building a room for it, make sure to insulate the walls and ceiling.

Reflective Sheeting

As we know, a plant needs light and suitable temperature for better growth.  Wrap walls, ceilings, and floor with highly reflecting material.  Covering with reflective materials helps the plants to capture more light for proper growth.  Wrap the room to the extent of blocking any and all light from entering or escaping the room.

Ventilation, Fans, and Filters

Fresh air plays a significant role in the proper growth of plants. So, it is crucial to provide constant air circulation and fresh air to the grow room.

Building a grow room has the benefit of being able to install ventilation ducts. Once you know where you’re going to be setting up your ventilation system and how you’re going to be supplying fresh air, you’ll need to install an extractor fan and inline fan. An extractor fan can create noise and vibration that travel throughout the floor and ceiling, so if possible, install soundproof boxes in the ceiling, which prevent noise from traveling.  Use a window if available to extract air and then make a grid on the door to the room.

Oscillating fans should be adequately installed in the room to circulate air all around the room.  Heavier-duty inline fans can be installed in some cases to bring in fresh air and remove heat from lights. Use standing fans or clip-on fans to help with the airflow. You’ll need to place them strategically to help disperse any new air you’re taking in so that you don’t end up with stagnant air pockets. Cannabis plants need constant fresh air to survive.

Once ventilation is in place, a carbon filter is needed for the smell.


Set hooks into the ceiling for the installation of lights.  It is crucial to check the size of the lights before setting hooks into the ceiling. We suggest you use the hook and chain light holders that can bear the weight of the lights. Large lights weigh more than 30 pounds.

If you can, keep your ballast outside of the grow room due to the amount of heat that they generate.  However, if you live in a cold area, this may benefit your grow in balancing the temperature.

After the installation of lights, it is mandatory to check the humidity and temperature in the room to make sure that the temperature is suitable for the plant’s growth.

Timing System

Growing indoors requires quite a lot of devices that need to be turned on and off on a schedule.  You will need a timer system to keep things working properly. Find a controller system that allows you to program everything on one system.

Thermo-Hygrometer and Humidifier

A Thermo-Hygrometer will help you check parameters that you are growing at.  It will help with checking humidity and temperature which is essential to your plants growing healthy.  Add humidity to the air with a humidifier, especially during plant’s first few weeks when it needs to be higher.  Use a fan to distribute humidity around the room.  Monitor to avoid fungus.

Availability of Water

Make sure you have proper access to water sources in the grow room. Otherwise, you have to go outside again and again to get buckets of water for plants. If you have a hot and cold water connection in the basement, this will allow you to continue using the water for your water heater and washer, but it provides you the ability to get the hot/cold water you will need.


Before building a grow room, you have to make sure that the floor of the grow room has a smooth surface. We usually prefer concrete with drains. Other floorings will retain moisture like wood or carpeted floors.   Rooms having smooth surfaces can be cleaned if there is water spilling, etc.  Rooms with rough floors are often challenging to clean.

Grow Room Tools

Bringing indoor gardening tools for your grow room is a crucial step. Once you’ve set everything else in your grow room that you need to grow cannabis successfully, you’ll need to examine that everything is working correctly so that you can sprout your cannabis seeds. Before doing this, you should set a thermos-hygrometer between your lighting systems to check the parameters that you’ll be growing at.

You will have set the right temperature for the growth of marijuana plants.  Set humidity level low for the better growth of marijuana during the early days of their plantation. When you are growing plants in a large room it is more complicated to maintain the temperature and humidity throughout the room when we compared it to growing in a grow tent.

Disinfecting and Hygiene

When maintaining your grow, make sure everything is always properly cleaned.  You need to clean the room and disinfect it before you can start growing marijuana.  Clean thoroughly to keep fungus and insects out.  If you do not follow this step, it will be hard to get rid of when in the process of growing.


When it comes to growing cannabis indoors, setting up a grow room can be complicated and costly than grow tent.  It is suggested for beginners to start with a tent for ease of managability, however the reward can be great if you are attentive and can get your grow room up successfully.  Get things to a good balance, be attentive, but don’t micromanage or over complicate things, and keep to a consistent schedule and you will be off to a good start.

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