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How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System

Weed is one of the most difficult drugs to fully eliminate because THC, the active component of weed, is fat soluble; those with a higher fat content may experience a longer elimination period.

How long does weed stay in your system This depends on the frequency of marijuana use. For example, if you take it only once or twice a month, in a few days it will disappear from your body. But if you consume it you can usually spend a month or more to be sure that it is no longer detectable.

Weed is the most consumed drug in the World. There are several tests to detect weed in your system, which include blood tests, urine test and hair testing. Depending on the amounts consumed, weed could last in your system for three to thirty days.

Speaking specifically, the occasional consumption of weed can leave traces of it for three or four days, while the constant consumption of weed causes the detection of marijuana in your system for about 45 days.

If weed is smoked at a rapid rate, it could last in your system for about 90 days.

Weed is a substance that the body tries to discard almost immediately, so it is recommended to drink plenty of water so that the body can quickly eliminate it from the brain which is most affected, as well as the liver and kidneys.

If you are not a habitual smoker or it is your first time smoking, it only lasts 72 hours in the blood. (Of course, this varies depending on whether you smoke every day or only do it once a month or a similar period).

You will need to consider the following factors:

  • The way weed entered your system
  • Your Health
  • The amount you take
  • Weigh your body
  • The variant of weed that you took
  • To what extent were you exposed to the drug
  • The rate of metabolism in the body

Urine tests are usually one of the most effective options to find out whether a person has used weed. In some countries, employers often force their workers to have urine tests. However, the detection of weed in the urine will depend on several factors such as age, experience, physical condition, etc.

Normally, weed is eliminated from the body in only 2 weeks, although in certain cases it can reach a maximum of 30 days, and if you are going to have a urine test in the next few days, then it is a matter of worry.

If you like to smoke weed and you are afraid to test positive, this information will help you to have a clear idea of ​​when or if not to do a urine test for drugs.

If you are a regular smoker, THC is likely to stay in your urine for up to a month after quitting.

THC in Saliva

THC lasts less time in saliva. This is the method most used by the highway police in the search for drugged drivers. Start testing positive about 1 hour after smoking and you can remain positive in saliva for up to 12 hours.

THC in the Hair

In the case of hair follicles, THC binds in the hair for the longest period of time. A single use of weed can be positive in hair for up to 7 days, and most hair follicle tests are for a period of 90 days. However, it is not always true that cannabis actually binds to the hair follicle, so this method is rarely used.

THC in the Blood

THC is hardly measured in the blood because the metabolite of THC does not bind to blood for a long time. As a result, the weed blood test only detects recent use.

How to Pass Urine Tests

Unfortunately, there is no way to pass a urine test if you are a heavy smoker. There are products that can be purchased solely for the purpose of cleaning urine, but its reliability is questionable.

The most scientific way to pass a urine test is to drink a large amount of cranberry juice or a large amount of fluids. Adding more water to the system will naturally dilute what is in your urine.

The answer to the question of how long does weed stay in your system typically lies in the amount of THC in weed. The THC can linger in a person’s body for 3-90 days from the day of consuming.

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