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How Does Marijuana Laws Affect Tourism?

Marijuana tourism continues to grow at a rapid pace around the world. Learn more about how does marijuana laws affect tourism.

The global tourism industry is the largest, with a contribution of $7.6 trillion to the world’s economy. While many things affect the sector, marijuana laws have been in the frontline. The increasingly lucrative cannabis world has seen the tourism industry grow in leaps and bounds.

Tourism is no longer just about travel. It has expanded to incorporate aesthetic, vital, moral, technological, economic, cognitive, and religious aspects. Other people travel for patriotic reasons.

Drug tourism has in the recent past been the interest of many travelers. The idea is to be able to travel to an area where they can buy and ingest drugs. This is what is known as Narco-tourism.

Let’s look at how marijuana laws affect tourism.

Legality of Cannabis

The legality of medical and recreational cannabis varies from state to state. Marijuana laws revolve around distribution, possession, cultivation, and consumption. Most of the policies are regulated by the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

Although the use of cannabis for recreation is prohibited in most states, most have adopted a decriminalization policy. This means that simple possession of the drug is a non-criminal offense, similar to a minor traffic violation. However, some countries like in the Middle East and Asian have more strict marijuana laws.

Here, possession of even the smallest amounts can lead to imprisonment for many years.

The legislation of cannabis is becoming widespread in North America. The economic impact of marijuana is expected to increase to 223% by 2022. The use of cannabis for recreation is legal in ten states in the District of Columbia.

In Mexico, the Supreme Court also took to legalizing the use of cannabis for recreation. Canada also soon after followed in the footsteps. In total, 29 states have legalized cannabis. Canada and Uruguay are the only sovereign states with marijuana laws that allow consumption and sale of cannabis.

Most states have adopted a policy of limited enforcement. The law allows for the sale of the drug only in licensed establishments. This applies to Spain and the Netherlands.

Some countries that have legalized cannabis for medical use include Cannabis Australia, Cyprus, Argentina, Germany, Finland, Canada, Chile, and Colombia. Others are Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway, Macedonia, Switzerland, Poland, and Peru.

The decision to legalize recreational cannabis has seen cannabis tourism become a big business venture.

Cannabis Tourism

Tour companies have reported to being fully booked for destinations where the drug has been legalized. In Colorado, for example, tourism has increased by more than 50% since cannabis was legalized in 2014. This is evidence that marijuana laws have sparked a growth in narco-tourism.

One of the remarkable events that have brought cannabis tourists together is the Ganja Goddess Getaway. It happened in May 2018, where women of all ages and backgrounds came together for a weekend of yoga. It took place south of San Francisco.

The event entailed educational classes, yoga, spa treatments, and unlimited cannabis. This was made available in the form of vape, body creams, and smoothies. The event was for women who are well experienced in the use of cannabis.

It also provided a safe environment for those who wanted to try it out for the first time.

For those in the cannabis business, the drug attracts everyone from lawyers to truckers. There’s so much interest in weekend activities that involve the use of cannabis. It has drawn thousands of people and brought in millions of dollars in revenue.

Cannabis Tourism in California

In California, wine and weed tours have become very popular. An example is the party bus, where the driver is sealed from the smoking passengers. The bus has tour wineries and dispensaries, and tourists can sample the various products.

Other events organized across the country are “puff and paint” featuring wine and cannabis tasting. Tourists get the chance to paint their own masterpieces. One local company offers tours behind the curtain of the legal marijuana industry.

Major newspapers like the San Francisco Chronicle feature a travel section. Some stories detail the best places for cannabis travel, highlighting DIY holidays and luxury cannabis getaways.

Sustainability of Cannabis Tourism

Kurth, a cannabis tour company owner, believes that cannabis tourism is sustainable. His focus is on taking clients to cannabis producing farms. He says that doing this will dispel the myth that the drug should be grown indoors.

He says that growing weed indoors takes so much energy and it doesn’t even turn out that good. He advocates for outdoor growth, which can significantly benefit a community if executed the right way. For every dollar he brings into the county through cannabis tourism, seven more go to the community.

Legislation of cannabis has also made other businesses possible. Hotels and restaurants have come up in places they didn’t exist to accommodate cannabis tourists.

There’s growing excitement about the attractiveness of marijuana laws. However, there are things tour business owners should know in their respective jurisdictions. For example, in Northern California, tour companies aren’t allowed to hand out weed to guests.

The tourists are also barred from lighting up while on tour vehicles and in public spaces. They can only smoke while on private property, provided the owner allows it.

Educational and cultural cannabis tours are on the increase. Tourists are more than ever before interested in discovering interesting information about cannabis.

Marijuana Laws – Final Thoughts

Cannabis tourism is on the increase. One of the factors that have led to its popularity is the change in marijuana laws. The legalization of cannabis in most states across the U.S has influenced the cannabis tourism industry.

Recreational cannabis has influenced tour companies, hotels, and recreational establishments like spas. Initially, it seemed like cannabis tourism industry was not sustainable. Experts in the field say that the increase in educational tours will see the industry grow further.

Before you start a cannabis-related business in your state, check out want the law says. The law may permit the sale of the drug, but only in licensed establishments. It may also allow the consumption, but not the sale of cannabis.

If you have any questions, be sure to contact us at any time.

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