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How do you use a dry herb pen?

The concept of a dry herb vaporizer is a relatively new concept, but the product options are far from limited.

Yocan Mak

In terms of dry herb vaporizer pens, the top product is called the Yocan Mak, and is recommended for lower temperature vaporizers (often pen style vaporizers).

This dry herb vaporizer may be compared to an electric joint, as it burns the herb product rather than vaporizing it. This tank is equipped with multiple features, which contribute to an experience that is both comfortable and inconspicuous.


The Yocan Mak is a 510-thread adaptable tank, meaning it can be used on both pen style batteries or a larger mod (with an adapter).  As well, the tank is stainless steel, and Pyrex glass, and comes with a compressible mouthpiece (ash compressor), for easy, portable use.  This tank design has compatible wax coils that can be purchased separately, making it versatile.  Due to the fact that this vaporizer pen burns your dry herb product, you still will experience a strong smell and even a lingering odour on your clothing, similar to smoking a joint.


Following the popular conception of the Yocan Mak, a flourishing market for larger, and more advanced dry herb vaporizers has developed in Canada.  This is where the more innovative and progressive dry herb vaporizers (in Canada) came to be more popular.  There are many vaporizers on the market and the following dry herb vaporizers offer several valuable features, including some of the following concepts.


Number one ranking reason is that it is healthier to vaporize than burn…that goes for anything!! BUT WAIT…there’s more!  What if I said that you would get more value out of your dry herb purchase? Think about it…if you light a joint it will burn uncontrollably whether you inhale it or not…right? That’s your valuable product going up in smoke!


Vaporizing uses convection or conduction, as opposed to combustion, which maximizes the use of your product by using a controlled heating process.  It is maximized because the valuable THC and cannabinoids aren’t being lost or wasted through the burning process.  Convection heats the surface underneath the product, and conduction heats the air around the product, whereas combustion simply burns the product completely. In more concise terms, vaporizers do not produce ash the way that burning dry herb does. This translates to one of the main benefits of vaporizing…you will utilize 100% of the THC and other valuable cannabinoids without it going up in smoke, as it does with uncontrolled heat!


I’m not talking about whether you forgot to shower or not.  I’m talking about the third key benefit of vaporizing.  Follow the same logic as above.  When you burn something, whether it is tobacco or dry herb, small particles land on your clothes, hair and furniture and the smell lingers for quite a while.  When you vaporize there is a considerable reduction in the odour produced.  Let me put this into context for you.  Have you ever walked down Yonge Street in Toronto (or your Main Street) when you get a whiff of weed, but when you look around you can’t quite determine who it is?  Another benefit that may be of interest to a discreet dry herb enthusiast, is that vaporizers have a reduced odour which will not linger.  This means that if you are vaping in your house, there will be a reduced smell and no smell left to linger on you or your clothes and furniture.  The reason is simple….no burning, equals no particles to cling.


There are many types of vaporizers on the market.  Here are just a few with notable differences to compare.


A notable dry herb vaporizer is the sleek, lightweight, and durable Titan-2 Portable Herb Vaporizer.  The Titan is similar to other vaporizers, but has a few key differences.  Firstly, the Titan-2 has a stainless-steel chamber, which operates optimally with dry herbs, as opposed to waxes or oils.

Although, the vaporizer is designed to support dry herbs, supplementary oil canisters are available for purchase, to convert this dry herb vaporizer to an oil or wax supporting vape!  The Titan-2, has a temperature maximum of 428 degrees, which is better suited for dry herb vaping.  The stainless steel chamber holds about a half a gram of dry herb.  The Titan also has a safety feature that will automatically shut off after 10 minutes in case the user forgets to turn it off.  The battery life between charges is therefore measured as seven-ten-minute vaping sessions, but it has a total 60-minute battery span if vaped continuously!  Remember that it has a lithium ion rechargeable battery that has the “pass through” ability similar to your cell phone.  This means you can use your device while it is plugged into the charger!  This dry herb vaporizer is stellar, for dry herb use, and its design targets this function notably, through its sleek and innovative style.


The Conqueror is another that functions particularly well with dry herb vaporizing.

The Conqueror has an upgraded ceramic chamber, so it will heat dry herbs more evenly, ensuring the product is vaporized thoroughly.  This vaporizer, like the Titan-2, it is sleek, discreet and durable.

It reaches the same temperature maximum of 428 degrees, has a chamber that holds slightly more than half a gram of dry herb, has the “pass through” charging capability and like the Titan, and the battery will last for seven-ten-minute vaping sessions or a total of 60-minutes; when vaped continuously.  The key advantage to this vaporizer is the ceramic chamber, with a slightly higher herb capacity.


The Flowermate Aura is a popular dry herb vaporizer in Canada.  The main feature of the Aura is that gives the Vaper the ability to vaporize both dry  erbs, and waxes/oils.  It comes with 2 canisters that fit into the chamber, one is used for dry herb, while the other is used for waxes and oils.

(SECRET….these canisters can be purchased separately and fit into the less expensive Titan converting it into a vaporizer that can be used for oils and waxes!).

This product has a ceramic bowl, allowing it to heat more evenly than a regular stainless steel chamber.  The ceramic bowl also allows this dry herb vaporizer to reach higher temperatures of up to 446 degrees.  For dry herbs, a temperature closer to 410-430 is far more suitable; if the Aura is being used for oils or wax, the wide temperature range comes in handy.  Additionally, this dry herb vaporizer has a 70-80-minute battery span, but is equipped with a safety feature which typically permits seven-ten-minute sessions.  This allows the vaporizer to turn off after use, even if the Vaper forgets, which can be very important for conserving product.  As with all vaporizers, the Aura has a lithium ion battery which provides an overall 300-charge battery life before you will need to charge more frequently in between uses. This is a very versatile vaporizer if you dabble between using both dry herbs, and oils or waxes.


Another dry herb vaporizer in Canada is the Flowermate V5 Mini Pro Dry Herb/Essential Oils Vaporizer.  The V5.0 Pro is made by the same company as the Aura.  This product is also very versatile and can be used for both dry herbs, and oils or waxes.

The V5 has a ceramic heating bowl as well, for evenly distributed heat, and comes with canisters for both oils, and dry herbs.  This dry herb vaporizer has the longest lasting battery so far, with a nine-ten-minute session battery span and a 75-minute battery span with continuous vaporizing.  The V5.0 can also reach a maximum temperature of 446 degrees, which is the ideal range for combination dry herb/oil vaporizers.  Three key features that this vaporizer provides which makes it unique, is that it can be attached to a waterpipe to vaporize the product, it has airflow capability and also has a battery pack that can be used to charge other electronics.

The waterpipe compatibility is significant for those health-conscious Vapers, since as we know burning dry products release harmful toxins into your lungs.  To summarize, the V5 is compact, sleek, and most importantly, inconspicuous.  This is the ideal dry herb vaporizer for a Vaper who wants to have the maximum flexibility and versatility, for all their dry herb, and oil needs!

How to use a dry herb vaporizer

The dry herbs

When using dry herb vaporizers in Canada there are a couple important tips to use:

  1. Use dehydrated herb, making sure that the dry herb has an appropriate moisture content, to be able to vaporizer efficiently
  2. Grind the dry herbs finely, using a high-quality grinder, reaching a medium-fine grind, and ensure the dry herb is ground evenly. Some companies, and dry herb vaporizers like Flowermate products, have grinders made especially for maximum efficiency with their dry herb vaporizers which allow the herb to fall into the canisters during the grinding process.
  3. Filling the chamber – if you want to use less dry herb, then pack it loosely, so that it fills the canister or chamber to the top.  If you want to use drier herb and perhaps if you are sharing it with friends- then pack it tighter.  One of the most important tips, is to fill the chamber to the top. Most dry herb vaporizers hold about a half gram at a time, but some (like the Conqueror) have larger capacities.
  4. Find a temperature that best suits your preference.  Vaporizing starts at 350 degrees, but the temperature that is ideal is usually around 400 degrees f.  The higher the temperature, the closer the vaporizer will get to a state of combustion rather than an even convection or conduction

Turning on and preheating your dry herb vaporizer

To use the vaporizer, all dry herb vaporizers in Canada have slightly variant procedures, but amongst many of them are the same basic concepts.  Once you have loaded your product into your dry herb vaporizer (dry herbs or oils), most vaporizers have a similar method in preparing for use.  (The following information is based on Flowermate products)

  1. Rapidly click the power button 5 times, to turn the dry herb vaporizer on
  2. Click the + and – buttons on the dry herb vaporizer to choose a temperature that suits both you, and the product you are using (i.e. oil or dry herbs)
  3. Hold down the power button for 2 seconds, to activate the heating within the chamber (this step will vary depending on each dry herb vaporizer)
  4. Once heated, the dry herb vaporizer will produce some form of signal that it is ready to be used, either a symbol or simply reaching the desired temperature. This step usually takes about 90 seconds to 2 minutes, varying between dry herb vaporizers
  5. Enjoy!!

Cleaning your dry herb vaporizer

Most dry herb vaporizers come equipped with cleaning materials like a brush or extra screens.  Ensure that you keep your vaporizer clean and in pristine condition. As well you may have to replace certain aspects of the dry herb vaporizer over time, from wear and tear. One thing that may need to be replaced in dry herb vaporizers is the screens, these can either be cleaned with rubbing alcohol, rinsed and wiped off, or they can be replaced depending on personal preference.

Purchasing your dry herb vaporizer online in Canada:

You can easily buy a vaporizer online in Canada and prices will vary.  Make sure you research thoroughly before setting your sights on a dry herb vaporizer, some offer outstanding quality, but the price points can be a little out of reach, like the Pax. This dry herb vaporizer is very expensive, justified by the company with a 10-year warranty. Make sure you look at reviews, and have a price range in mind, so you don’t end up spending too much on a medium quality product, or too little on a lower quality product. If you can find a product that is reasonably priced, fits your needs, and is good quality, then you have hit the nail right on the head! Once you have decided you are ready to enter the world of dry herb vaporizing, you are now equipped with all the information to start your journey of picking the dry herb vaporizer in Canada best suited for all your needs!

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