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How Cannabis Concentrate Can Help You

Concentrates are products derived from the cannabis plant that has been processed to only keep the most desirable compounds (cannabinoids and terpenes), leaving out impurities and excess plant material. Cannabis concentrates can be categorized into two types; extract and none-extract concentrate. The former applies solvents to extract the desired product from the cannabis plant, whereas the non-extracts leverage on heat and pressure.

Smoking of herb may soon be a thing of the past as a result of the introduction of concentrates such as rosin, hash, and kief. Various cannabis statistics such as those published by BDS Analytics suggest that concentrates are taking over the herb market, outperforming flower sales in some geographical locations.

Unraveled below are key advantages you can draw from cannabis concentrates.

Healthy highness

Over time, there have been growing health concerns among smokers on the effects of smoking on health. Hence a significant shift to vaping as a mitigation to the harms associated with smoking.

Apart from the vaporizer pen being one of the must-have accessories to stoners, there are a few other ways that one can enjoy cannabis concentrates. Concentrates can be infused in all forms of culinary delights such as cakes and butter, making a great addition to a stoner’s menu. On a different note, sublingual or under the tongue droppings make an effective way of fast getting cannabis into the bloodstream. Tongue droppings are the most effective way of applying medical marijuana in the form of concentrates.

Cannabis concentrates are more cost-effective

The cannabinoids levels in concentrates range between 70%-90% wheres those in flower range between 10%-30%. This means that one gram of concentrates can last one longer than a gram of flower. Despite the concentrates retailing at significantly higher prices than flower, many stoners have testified to the fact that the former costs less in the long run, as a result of its long-lasting effects.

High potency excellent at treating various conditions

The high power characterizing the concentrates is arguably the most significant advantage associated with their consumption. The high cannabinoid levels, which range between 70%-90%, are especially useful to patients under cannabis treatment. The extra potency helps to quickly redeem the various medical conditions treatable by weed. Nevertheless, high potency is not only beneficial to medical users as recreational users can also experience its efficiency in quickly getting carried away.

A whole new world of options

Being spoilt for choices is one of the noblest experiences any human desiring, as it presents one with a sense of being in control. Concentrates come in a variety of options packaged in different flavors and scents. With them comes a whole new world of experience as you stand a chance to explore different strains of cannabis in various forms, thereby eliminating the monotony of use often associated with boredom.

In summa, concentrates, also known as dabs, crumble, oil, or shatter, have introduced a whole new experience to cannabis consumers. It is recommended that you study each type of concentrate to find what works best for you in the diverse world of concentrates.

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