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Healthy Cannabis Seeds for Growing and How to Locate Them

There are many factors to consider when growing cannabis from seeds. Cannabis laws must be taken into consideration. To grow healthy plants that exhibit the traits you desire, you must select high-quality seeds.

Know the Laws in Your State

First and foremost, ensure that you know the cannabis laws state by state, depending on the state in which you reside. You can refer to Way of Leaf to check the growing law specifics in your state. In states where growing cannabis is legal, there are a variety of possible stipulations. States may:

  • limit the number of mature plants per household.
  • require plants are secure and not visible from the street or other public places.
  • set a minimum age requirement for growers.

Select High-Quality Seeds to Optimize Quality of Your Product

After you have established that it is legal to grow cannabis in your respective state, you can begin your search for the perfect seeds. There are characteristics to look for when it comes to finding healthy seeds. According to wcp2018.org, you will want to make sure seeds:

  • are dark brown, indicating maturity and readiness for cultivation.
  • exhibit presences of distinct markings as an indicator of freshness.
  • have a tough outer exterior with a shiny/ waxy look and feel.
  • sink when placed in water, as floating seeds indicate unhealthiness.

Increasing Growing Efficiency by Selecting Female Seeds

If you are not knowledgeable of the world of weed, you may not know that only female plants are desirable. As leafly.com explains, female plants produce cannabinoid-rich flowers (buds) that produce the flavors and effects users seek. Since only female plants create desired products, growers often grow plants from ‘feminized’ seeds. These seeds carry only female genetics and produce only female plants. This technique is more effective than growing seeds of unknown sex, where there is only about a fifty percent chance of yielding a female, usable plant.

Feminizing Cannabis Seeds

According to solarisfarms.org, female seeds can be created through genetic manipulation, yielding pollen-producing female plants. (When not genetically manipulated, only male plants are pollen producers). There are three main ways to feminize cannabis seeds.

  • Colloidal silver sprayed on a female plant entering the flowering phase will cause pollen sacks to grow. These plants can be used to pollinate flowers on other female plants, yielding feminized seeds.
  • Plants treated with STS eventually yield feminized seeds in a similar process to that of colloidal silver. Different strains can be combined using this method, creating a feminized hybrid.
  • Rodelization is a third way to produce feminized seeds, but it is also the least reliable. A female plant that is under stress and has not yet been pollinated will produce pollen sacs. This plant can then be used to pollinate other female plants.

The Role of Seed Banks for Cannabis Growers

Seeds can be purchased from seed banks. These businesses specialize in storing and selling cannabis seeds. They also feminize their seeds to maximize yields for commercial and individual growers, according to Maximum Yield.

Top-Rated Seed Banks

When it comes time to purchase seeds, The Mercury News has researched the options for us. The five best seed banks are as follows:

  1. I Love Growing Marijuana
  2. Marijuana-Seeds NL
  3. Crop King Seed
  4. Herbies Seed Shop
  5. Weed Seeds Express

If you’re contemplating growing cannabis, remember to check your state laws and make sure you select high-quality seeds. Seed banks can provide you with healthy, feminized seeds. If you follow these basic steps, you’ll have a great shot at achieving the crop you desire.

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