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Growing Your Own Stash: These 9 Marijuana Cultivation Tips Will Maximize Your Chances for Success

Being involved in the marijuana business right now is all about complying with regulations and maximizing your profit. You need to have a comprehensive insight into how to maximize yield and reduce losses, in order to maximize your profit. Here are some tips and ideas for better marijuana cultivation and for the maximization of yield.

Keep the Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels high

Researches have shown that one of the best cultivation procedures to increase yield is by ensuring a consistently high CO2 level. Increasing the CO2 levels to 1,500 parts per million can increase your yield by as much as 30%. The reason for increasing the CO2 level is that the marijuana plant photosynthesizes faster with higher CO2 levels, and that increase the bud sizes and plant density.

Get to know about different marijuana grow(strains)

There are single strains and hybrid strains of marijuana.

Hybrid strains are products of cross-breeding between two or more strains of marijuana. Single strains of marijuana provide more consistency because you can consistently provide a consistent product. growing single strains allow you to detect problems early and you can compare characteristics when you grow another strain which means you will know which marijuana strains you can handle best.

Vertical growing in the best

Instead of hanging a lighting fixture over a single horizontal 4 x 4 tray holding fewer plants, you should rather use vertical growing arrangement for several other grow levels that could fit perfectly into the same square foot, which means you can have hundreds of more plants per square foot, and that will make lighting more effective and the yield will increase significantly. Stacking vertical shelves and racks on top of each other allow you to place smaller plants on top of the bigger ones for better management.

Create a balance in your grow environment

Over-crowded marijuana grows environment can trigger the spread of diseases and pests. When you create a balanced environment, you will enhance airflow, maximize the space, which means the marijuana plants will get more light. The basic rule of maximizing your chances for success is that you should be able to keep an eye on each and every plant. Don’t just stack up the grow room because you may not provide adequate care of some of the plants.

Make use of better and more efficient energy.

Aside from using vertical grow rack systems from Pipp Horticultureenergy efficiency is one of the things you should do if you want to maximize success with marijuana cultivation. You should make use of the double-ended HPS bulb to ensure that you get more marijuana yield from each square-foot. You will get a higher yield with more weight and better utilization of the grow space. In addition to being more energy efficient, it is equally important to deploy an effective pest and disease management solution for your marijuana growing facility.

Supplement natural light with LEDs

When you combine the natural sunlight with energy-saving LED lights, you will not only maximize your marijuana yield, you will equally minimize the cost per processing each gram of marijuana. This trick will also ensure that you keep the quality of your yield consistent. It is equally important that you make use of a quality and reliable lighting system because the quality of light determines to a large extent how well or bad your plants will perform. You should consider the use of the right de-humidifier device to improve your yield significantly why ensuring energy efficiency.

Wheeled tables make marijuana cultivation a lot easier and more convenient

You need to be creative with your space if you want to enhance your success in marijuana cultivation. If your garden area is completely stocked with marijuana plants, with very little or no walkways, then it will be extremely difficult to groom those plants at the extreme end. Wheeled tables that are capable of holding the 4 x 4-foot trays will ensure that you pull out one table from the way in order to attend to the other tables. With this arrangement, you will be able to provide individualized assistance to your marijuana plants.

Make use of the PAR meter

In order to be proactive and become a successful marijuana cultivator, some activities must be measured. The Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) meter, is one of the measuring instruments that will help you manage the grow environment much better and faster. It can be used in the evaluation of new technologies such as lights, it can also be used in measuring the quality of light your plants get, for photosynthesis to take place. It can help you ascertain whether the plant canopy is getting too hot by providing instant temperature readings. Instruments like PAR meter must be used in conjunction with your physical observations and data analysis.

Automate your fertilizing and watering to minimize wastages

Becoming a successful cultivator of marijuana also means minimizing wastages in your marijuana planting area. You need to ensure that each row in the growing area has a separate line for watering and each pot has a couple of drip emitters. With this automated arrangement, you can save as much as 80% of water, that can be recycled or re-used for the same purpose.


A lot of input goes into the management of marijuana cultivation. Managing your marijuana plant canopies may seem simple but if not properly handled, you may not grow healthy and robust plants. Proper management also ensures that you keep pests and diseases at bay. Don’t just spray a toxic chemical on your marijuana plant when there is a pest or disease breakout, it is much better to prevent such outbreaks in the first place, instead of managing them. Learn to build the plant toward the canopy. Keep in mind that those top buds will normally get more power and the bottom buds will get the least power because of less sunlight reaching them. Make sure you trim the bottom growth from time to time in order to achieve more robust plants.

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