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Growing Cannabis 101: Essential Items You Should Have In Your Garden

Growing cannabis has become a lucrative practice, thanks to the recent legal changes in several countries. You can now grow cannabis in your spare time if you wish. More so, if you have the space at home, then you could try experimenting with having your own weed garden, especially if you consider yourself as a cannabis connoisseur.

So, if you’re growing your own, then you’ll also have more freedom to choose which strain you prefer. It will ensure that the variant you’re using is the specific type you need, particularly when you use it for medical reasons. Aside from making the safest kind that’s free from unnecessary chemicals, growing your supply could help save money. You’ll eventually avoid buying it from outside suppliers.

Essentials For Growing Cannabis

Whatever the motivation, you can try your hand at becoming a legitimate cannabis grower by learning about all the essential items you need to have in your garden. To properly grow cannabis, here are a few things you should consider.

A Grow Room

A grow room is where you will keep your plants and grow cannabis from the beginning of the process until harvest time. There are many options available, depending on your needs and budget. From small and simple rooms to larger and more elaborate ones, you could make your grow room as big or as little as you need it to be.

If you’re going to have a large one, you may want to think about having multiple rooms instead. This might be an expensive proposition, but it’s suggested for those who want to try and cultivate more at once. The extra space would be ideal for storing more plants.

If you’re growing indoors or on a concealed area, you can also consider getting a stealth grow box to help with this process of setting up.

A Light Source For Indoor Growing

Another essential item to have is lighting equipment. There should be a main source of light for the plants to combine with other lighting setups such as floodlights or compact fluorescent bulbs that will provide light to the plants. Be sure to choose those with the lowest wattage first, and match it with the amount of light needed for your specific plant variant. When the lights start to dim, slowly increase the wattage in increments until you reach the required level.

Remember that plants need adequate light to grow, and cannabis is no different. Without sufficient lighting, plants won’t get the proper amount of nutrients they need to grow and be healthy. Make sure you have a good plan in place to keep a suitable amount of light coming into the grow room for your plants. The key is to ensure that the light source is enough to cover your canopy or grow room. That way, you’ll receive the harvest you desire.

Water Dispenser

You should also consider having adequate water supply when growing marijuana at home. You will need to have a water dispenser for the entire grow room. A filter also needs to be installed in case the water or any other liquids run out. Ideally, your water dispenser or watering can hold at least 10 liters, or even more.

There’s also the option of installing an indoor type of irrigation system that will set up water lines for each plant you have. That way, you’re able to keep all your plants adequately watered for the nourishment they need. You could consider this upgrade later on.


You also need to have a humidifier in your garden or grow room. This allows the soil to remain moist and prevents mold or mildew from forming in your grow room. It also helps keep the room nice and clean, so there won’t be any dust circulating in the air. It will be very handy when you’re already in the process of harvesting.

A Good Supply Of Soil

While there are home growers who prefer having a hydroponics system or growing marijuana through water, beginners would benefit more from learning to grow the traditional way by using soil. You don’t even need to have expensive soil bags for this purpose. Even the basic ones for growing regular potted plants will do.

You can learn more about using soil, water, and other matters relating to growing your cannabis at home through reputable resources such as GreenProphet.

Filtration System

Another item you’ll need is a filtration system to keep the dirt you use from running out of your system. Without good water to soak up the dirt, your plants will not grow well. It will also cause them to develop mold or mildew, which is a very bad thing to have to happen to your grow room. So make sure you have a good water filtration system on your grow system.


Another essential piece of equipment in your home garden is a timer. This handy device will allow you to know when to harvest your plants. It’s crucial to discover when plants should be harvested because the more the plant has to go through before it’s ready, the harder it will be to get the plant to produce enough marijuana.

Most importantly, a timer can also keep you on the loop as to when you should turn the lights on and off. There should be an imitation of a proper day-and-night cycle inside the grow room to yield a better harvest.


While this list may not be that comprehensive, it comprises the basics must-haves and must-knows to start growing marijuana at home. As you get the hang of it, you’ll also get to know more of the other items you’ll need.

When you’re still a beginner, take it easy on the shopping list. Otherwise, you might spend way more than what your budget can afford. You don’t need to have everything else that professional growers already use when you’re still a beginner. And since you’re growing it in your own home, you can make changes and tweaks to make everything fit your specific needs. Go ahead and start planting!

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