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Grow Your Own: Here’s a Guide to At-Home Marijuana Cultivation

A small percentage of Americans (6%) grow their own cannabis. The small percentage is most likely due to the fact that only a few states allow residents to legally grow marijuana for their own consumption.

However, growing your own marijuana plant farm in your home is beneficial for several reasons.

You’ll no longer need to visit local dispensaries or wait for your favorite strain to become available. You’ll have everything you need right in your own backyard, but wait! How can you grow your own quality marijuana legally?

Continue reading below for our guide on growing cannabis at home!

Know Your State’s Laws

Before you dive into the process of growing weed, you first need to ensure it’s legal in your state. There are only a few states that allow residents to do so and some only allow you to grow your own for medical use. Do you know your state’s home-grow laws?

Be sure to research which states allow you to grow medically and recreationally. You’ll also need to check with your state laws on how much marijuana you’re legally allowed to grow at home.

Choose Quality Seeds

When you grow any type of plant, the first thing you start with is seeds. If you want to grow quality marijuana, then you need to choose quality seeds. Where you get the seeds from has an effect on the quality of the seeds.

Research different seedbanks before making a final selection. You can also speak with reputable dispensaries, such as Apothecarium.com to learn about sourcing good seeds and purchasing quality products when needed.

Offer the Right Lighting

If you’re going to grow your cannabis indoors, then you’ll need to take extra care in ensuring it gets enough light. Normal house lightbulbs don’t offer the right amount of light to make up for the natural light indoor plants are missing.

Now is the time to invest in full-spectrum LED, T5 fluorescent, and high-pressure sodium lights, reflectors, and hoods.

Use Filtered Water

When watering your plants, you don’t want to use tap water. Tap water often contains minerals and deposits. Instead, you want to use filtered water that’s tested on a regular basis to ensure its quality.

You can also consider using bottled water from the store if desired. Tap water might not kill the cannabis plant or prevent it from growing, but it can have an impact on the plant’s health and how much growth it has.

Maintain the Right Temperature

The marijuana plant requires a certain temperature and humidity level depending on the stage of growth the plant is in. It’s essential that you know what temperature and humidity are required for the seedling stage, vegetation stage, and flowering stage.

Take your time researching what’s needed for each.

Use This Guide to Grow Your Own Marijuana

If you’re planning to grow your own marijuana at home, then you’ll need to know your state’s laws and how to grow cannabis effectively. Use all of the helpful information given in this guide above to ensure you do just that!

Then, to find more tips, tricks, and information on marijuana, continue to check back here on a regular basis.

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