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Grassdoor Brings Farm-to-Door Marijuana to LA

Fastest marijuana delivery app employs cannabis sommeliers to hand-pick bud.

From sunrise to sunset, Grassdoor’s team of expert marijuana testers travel to California’s farms – searching for the best flower the Golden State has to offer. The relentless Grassdoor staff personally selects each strain, cartridge, edible, concentrate – often right off the production line.

Some online delivery sites assemble their menus from a random selection of popular items – but Grassdoor knows what California likes. Using software tracking the most popular strains by zip code, Grassdoor’s entire menu has been cultivated to specifically reflect the tastes of Southern California stoners in every area.

This boutique-style menu explains why Grassdoor’s selection is limited to 3-4 choices for each type of cannabis product. Other delivery sites pack their large menus with old marijuana at low prices. Grassdoor always has the freshest cannabis at the best price – sourced straight from the farmers.

Whether choosing top-shelf Hybrids or bags of sungrown, Grassdoor Marijuana Delivery patrons can rely on the highest quality of anything on the menu.

Quickest Delivery in the West

Fueled by an army of software coders, Grassdoor is an application that brings cannabis products to customers faster than any other service. Powered by revolutionary tech that finds shortcuts in mapping applications, Grassdoor has assembled a menu chosen by the industry’s top retailers and growers.

How fast is Grassdooor? With an average delivery time of 26 minutes, Grassdoor also boasts a 99.5% perfect-order rate – an industry-best.

Grassdoor is not the Lyft or Uber of cannabis – it is the limo service. Hoping to reverse the negative stereotype of slow drivers arriving hours late, the lightning-fast software used by the company’s mobile budtenders makes cannabis arrive at customers’ doors quicker than any other application.

Loyal Customers Save More

In addition to getting cannabis quicker than Thai food, customers with Grassdoor platform can access a number of cash-saving incentives – which include rewards for new referrals and an extensive loyalty program. Other perks of the app include ordering from any address in LA, scheduling deliveries for specific days and times, and the old-school choice to pay with hard cash.

Rising Popularity

With a network covering most of the LA area, Grassdoor’s popularity is growing quick – which is only increasing the regions where customers can start using this groundbreaking new service. Expanding to more California areas in the coming months, Grassdoor is quickly becoming the premier delivery app for high-quality cannabis.

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