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Does Really Using Medical Cannabis Helps You to Get Rid of Flu or Cold?

Research has shown that cannabis has several health benefits. Innumerable ailments which include chronic debilitating diseases are known to benefit from the plant in some way or the other. However, the question is can it be helpful for less serious health problems? Can it help against any simple disease like cold and flu?

Causes of Common Cold

Flu is a contagious viral infection which is caused by around 2000 various viruses. Half of the time, the common cold is known to be caused by a rhinovirus. Nevertheless, it can also be caused by other viruses such as coronavirus, adenovirus, and influenza. As these viruses enter the body, it attacks the nose, mouth, and throat’s mucous membrane. At times, the virus makes its way up to the lungs in a few days. The immune system of the body then fights against the virus leading to inflammation and excessive production of mucus. This causes telltale symptoms of flu or common colds such as nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, and fever.

Using Cannabis Regularly When Sick

Cannabis advocates have to say that it is safe to use cannabis regularly several times a day in low dosage. The manner in which regular consumption of marijuana actually affects someone’s health when they are sick will depend on it is being consumed and also in what amount.

Potential Medical Benefits of Cannabis

Marijuana has become popular in recent times due to the terminal epidemics such as aids and cancer. However, it also has applications for the illness which are less serious. Research about the prospective medical application of the herb in regards to common sickness has led to some significant findings. Take a look at some ways in which cannabis can be used when you have a cold or flu.

  • THC has pain-soothing properties. Thus, it can be helpful for someone who is suffering from the aches caused by the common cold. Also, it helps in sleeping during such a tough time.
  • CBD has some significant antiviral application. Doctors are of the opinion that consuming CBD can help in flu and the common cold.
  • The endocannabinoid system of an individual can be depleted when he or she is sick. This happens because the body is defending itself constantly against the virus. The consumption of marijuana includes CBD and THC rich strains. This helps to replenish the depleted endogenous cannabinoids. As it refreshes the endocannabinoid of the system, people will be able to recover from sickness in an efficient manner.
  • Cannabis performs the role of an anti-inflammatory. Thus, it opens passages and airways in the body which is inhibited by being sick.

Have Marijuana Tea to Boost Your Immune System

Marijuana tea is obtained from the cannabis plant. This can be consumed along with any other cannabis edibles. The benefit it has is derived from THC, the most active ingredient which is to be found in cannabis. The benefits that it has to be offered can be enjoyed by people who are suffering from sleeplessness, anxiety, arthritis, obesity, anorexia. The tea is also known to boost the immune system of the body. With this, you can get the dose of the plant without smoking.

However, there is a section of people who believe that it acts as immunosuppressant and can weaken the ability of the body to combat the symptoms of a cold. However, there is no scientific study supporting that.

Can Smoking Relieve the Symptoms?

There is no evidence which will suggest whether smoking marijuana when you have a cold and flu is safe or not. In case the lungs and throats are irritated already then smoking mild aggravate the discomfort. Smoking can lead to short, as well as long term effects on the respiratory function and the lungs.

You will notice that the body responds in a different manner to marijuana when you are sick. Both common illnesses like flu and smoking marijuana can lead to chills, fatigue, and headaches. It is common to feel these more intensely when you are sick.

Some of the symptoms of cold and flu might be made worse by smoking marijuana. However, the effect is just temporary and does not really make you sicker.

Tips to Smoke Cannabis during Cold

  • As much as you love smoking with your friend, you should not risk it. Don’t share the bong or joint.
  • If it irritates your throat, resort to other options to consume marijuana.

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