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Does Marijuana Affect Your Sex Life?

The use of marijuana is again put into the spotlight with many states and countries legalizing its use. You see many mainstream products incorporating CBD in eye creams and skin care products. There’s even cannabis lube available on e-tailers claiming that marijuana improves sex.

So the question is does marijuana affect your sex life? While a lot of people say so, many think the opposite.

A urologist at Stanford University claimed that people once thought that marijuana doesn’t help with sexual problems. We’re slated into thinking that using weed will poor sexual function and control. Other studies also investigated that this substance decreases your ability to reach an orgasm, lower the quality of sperm, and even irregulates the menstrual cycle.

Cannabis Sex Products

In opposite to the long-term assumptions mentioned above, there are already positive testimonials about cannabis lubricant. These people claim that the lubricant gives them longer orgasm. Women who used cannabis tampons reported relief from menstrual pains.

More studies are still in progress on various cannabis sex products at this very moment.

However, uncertainties still arise regarding the effectiveness of these cannabis products. With many ingredients included in the product, you can’t really determine whether the cannabis is the one doing the work. For instance, the cannabis lube also contains coconut oil which is another lubricant known for various benefits.

As you already know, marijuana helps you relax. That’s why medical marijuana is often recommended to women suffering from anxiety, low libido, and those who have a problem reaching orgasm. Of course, you can’t deny the possibility that there will always be someone who gets very high and will certainly be able to focus on the current task.

Marijuana Improves Stamina

The most shocking fact that I discovered so far is the ability of marijuana to give you more stamina for sex. Results of a study show that people who used marijuana weekly had more sex than those who didn’t. Of course, this data is self-reported so there may be some exaggeration on the results.

Final Thought

So, does marijuana affect your sex life? I would say yes because there are already a lot of testimonials and studies that say so. However, the effect may still be again subjective. What may be a good experience from someone may not be the same for you.

Personally, I feel good when I get high. I get pretty optimistic and that translates to a positive effect on my sex drive.

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