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Differences between Smoking Cannabis and Vaping

Each year, marijuana use continues to become more and more popular among the masses. A lot has changed in the past few years in the cannabis world that has transformed the way people once viewed this powerful super herb.

Consumption of marijuana is now more accepted and mainstream but the ways of consuming it have changed considerably.

Today, many smokers have ditched the traditional joint for a more modern and efficient vape pen. Although there are some die-hard fans that still insist on rolling their own joints, vape pens have completely taken over the world.

So, let’s compare how the two stack up against each other:

Differences between smoking cannabis and vaping

A lot of smokers today prefer to use high-quality vapes and hookah pen weed. Vaping offers weed users a great way of cutting down on the toxins they smoke by offering a much cleaner and healthier alternative. Not only does vaping produce vapor that is clean and toxin free, but vaping also helps the environment by reducing the number of carcinogens that are released when cannabis is burned. Burning cannabis, on the other hand, produces harmful components such as tar that can be harmful to one’s lungs.

Vapes also come with a host of other benefits that include:

A more enhanced flavor

Vaping allows you to experience a more enhanced flavor compared to smoking. When you vape, you will taste the terpenes and cannabinoid profile contained in each strain distinctly. Smoking weed, alternatively, burns it completely through the combustion process, which also obliterates any chances of experiencing any in-depth flavor.

It gives users more control

When you vape, you have a greater ability to control the temperature as most quality vapes come with adjustable heat settings. This quality allows you to pick the effect that you are going for, whether mild or euphoric. Smoking does not give users any control so it can be quite tricky to pick the range of effect that you are interested in.

Vaping is more efficient compared to smoking

Vaping allows you to experience the effects of cannabis slowly and a lot more effectively. It is entirely possible to enjoy more than one session from a single cycle of vaping. After the vaping session is done, leftover cannabis can be used as ingredients in tea and even edibles. When you burn weed, you can only use it once as it completely turns into ash when combusted.

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