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Complete Marijuana Vaporizer Guide

Marijuana Vaporizers are one of the most in-demand accessories for medical marijuana patients throughout the world. The craze is here, marijuana is being smoked by millions of people each and every day. There are many benefits when it comes to getting a brand new marijuana vaporizer online.

Many medicinal patients are still not aware of the growing trend and are clueless about the benefits of buying, owning, and using a marijuana vaporizer. When you look at all the facts and benefits a marijuana vaporizer provides for its users, you will understand why everyone is investing in marijuana vaporizers.

Marijuana vaporizers filter out 95% of all carcinogens while giving 85% stronger potency compared to smoking your herbs. When you vaporize, you aren’t ever-burning any type of leaf materials, stems, or any unnecessary objects being contained in marijuana. There are over 428 different carcinogens being contained in marijuana. When you smoke your weed, you’re inhaling all of these harmful carcinogens which further damage your cardiovascular system. Many users don’t know this, when you smoke your weed, you’re inhaling 5 times the strength of carbon monoxide as well as 5 times the amount of tobacco being compared with a cigarette. With all the harmful features that avid users are unaware of, many would choose not to smoke their marijuana anymore if they simply knew the facts of smoking marijuana.

Hazards Of Smoking

Over 428 different carcinogens in marijuana.

Smoking has many different types of hazardous facts that will harm you both physically and financially without you even knowing it. You should be able to read this and immediately understand the truthful statements stated in this article. The main giveaway is when you cough and you cough up black mucus which is the severity of not vaping. Smoking a blunt or joint, look at your fingers after smoking and you’ll see how yellow they become. You’re inhaling tons of tobacco, 5 times to be exact which greatly damages your cardiovascular system. You may think that by using a bong or glass pipe that you’re filtering out the poisonous chemicals when this is far from the truth. Just by using the lighter, you’re radiating heat from the flame to the glass stem or bowl. Whenever you put a flame with glass it will turn the glass into black suet which is a chemical you will inhale, even if you’re using a water bubbler bong, you still inhale the toxic chemicals.

Benefits Of Marijuana Vaporizers

chest-xray-1526779[1]There are many benefits that marijuana vaporizers feature that the average person doesn’t understand. The most important benefit is the fact that you’re literally saving your life when you buy a vaporizer. Vaporizers are the main reason for the success of the marijuana industry because it provides a very safe method of medication that will not only save your life but save your health. When you buy a new vaporizer, you will know right away how clean the vapor is, how flavorful it is and how much potential your vaporizer will carry.

  • Vaporizers will filter out over 95% of the carcinogens inhaled, the other 5% are the active cannabinoids in the botanical of marijuana.
  • On top of the purified vapor, it is also 85% more potent than smoking weed. With this increased potency, using a vaporizer will save you 8.5 grams of herbs per ounce smoked.
  • If your ounce costs you $15 a gram, you end up saving $127.50 per ounce smoked. If you smoke 2 ounces a month, you end up saving $3,060 a year overall when it comes down to using a marijuana vaporizer. The savings for your health and for your wallet are very significant.
  • Other smaller benefits are the fact you don’t have to buy lighters anymore since vaporizers are usually powered by a lithium-ion battery.
  • The environment around you is a lot safer, there’s no risk of burning down your home from using a vaporizer, and on top of that, odors are eliminated which makes it user friendly if you’re not allowed to smoke inside your own home or apartment to make it discreet to use every time.

Different Types Of Marijuana Vaporizers

As marijuana vaporizers gain all the popularity they deserve, there are many different types you need to consider before making your investment into a new vaporizer. There are portable vaporizers, desktop units, and vape pens. Each type of marijuana vaporizer has its own beneficial value.

  1. The most popular type of marijuana vaporizers are pen vaporizers. Pen vaporizers can be compatible with all the types of substances marijuana has to offer such as; dry herb vapes, wax shatter, and concentrates. Dabbing has become the most popular type of method used with pen vaporizers. You can dab concentrates and wax shatter substances as vape pens are the best to use if you’re into dabbing your waxes and concentrates. Even though pen vaporizers are the most popular, they’re for a reason because they cost a lot less than desktop vaporizers and portable vaporizers.  Check out pen vaporizers for sale to check out some cool wax pens
  2. Portable vaporizers are amazing works of art since they provide the cover of stealth as they may appear to look like a part of everyday-use technology.
  3. Desktop vaporizers are electrical-powered stationary devices you can relax at home and vape your marijuana with. Each type of vaporizer has their own benefit. A marijuana vaping enthusiast will most likely have a collection of all the types of vaporizers mentioned.  Portable vaporizers often require you to grind your herb prior to vaporizing, and for that, you need a grinder.  It can be hard to find the best grinder for vaporizer, but I would recommend checking out where they compare all the best grinders.

Marijuana Pen Vaporizers

Marijuana vape pens are the most popular type of vaporizer technology. The costs range from as low as $19 all the way up to $200 which features some of the most advanced marijuana pen vaporizers. The forms of vaporization are most popular with dabbing to where you can vaporize your hash oils to wax shatter. The technology that utilizes this contains atomizers with a metal coil.

Example of Marijuana Pen Vaporizers
Example of Marijuana Pen Vaporizers

The best pen vaporizer atomizers use titanium metal coils lined with Quartz Crystal glass, a special kind of glass that won’t carry and absorb heat to keep the atomizer temperature consistent to be able to preserve battery life and avoid having any hot spots when vaping.

Hot spots is when a part of the botanical is unevenly vaporized. When this happens the consumer will have to stir the botanical which causes problems when vaping. The most basic and inexpensive marijuana vaporizers have simple features, weaker batteries, and poor chambers. The weak battery gives a poor heating flow to where you don’t get the most out of vaping and will most likely have a defective product within a month after purchasing a unit that only costs around $19 – $39. When you first start out, it is important to note exactly what types of substances you will be vaping.

Herbal pen vaporizers are really popular and you can get a pretty high-quality unit with only investing as little as $60 which you can buy a unit called the Atmos Jump. This is a popular herbal vape pen that’s only compatible with herbs, uses convection heating, and has a quality 900mAH battery, capable of giving you over 4 hours of vaping time.

If you vaporize with wax shatter or hash oil, buying a unit called the Dr. Dabber Aura is your best bet. It is a quality pen vaporizer that features quick magnetic technology to where you can secure the atomizer in place in seconds to begin vaping. With 3 different atomizers that can handle all the different types of wax/oil viscosity as you also have 3 different temperature settings to go with the specific type of vaping quality you desire.

Marijuana Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaping with marijuana has gained a wide popularity as the years pass by. When you see the new technology coming out, it will amaze you of what the vaporizer’s are capable of doing. Portable vaporizers specialize in vaping marijuana as new portable vaporizers are coming out with the best technology. Portable vaporizers may be bigger than its smaller predecessor the vape pen, but includes plenty more technology that give the edge up on vaping with a quality portable vaporizer.

Examples of Portable Vaporizers
Examples of Portable Vaporizers

You will find the lowest price for a portable vaporizer of quality to be only $60, while the most expensive costs upwards of over $400 and has many different beneficial parts of technology that make it a very effective weapon.

The Pulsar APX marijuana vaporizer is the newest and cheapest marijuana vaporizer right now to be made. The unique design it is constructed of is made out of poly-carbonate material which is a high quality, heat-safe plastic resistant to high temperatures and will sustain its maximum vaporization for over 2 hours. The Pulsar APX has 5 different LED lights on it since there’s 5 different heating temperatures to choose from. This is a type of portable vaporizer you’d want to buy if you’re first starting out vaping. You want to always make sure you invest in something worthy of buying, that will last for long periods of time.

When buying a quality portable vaporizer, having an OLED screen is very important so you can precisely set the temperature to the exact degree. Stainless steel exterior builds are the strongest which is resistant to accidental drops. You want to make sure there are either LED temperature settings to choose from or an OLED or LCD screen to be able to get a custom vaping experience. The inner parts should be constructed out of pure ceramic glass and you want to make sure you have an all-glass-on-glass vapor path. Some portable vaporizers have metal paths to where you’d taste a metal taste which isn’t a good taste and will ruin the vaping experience.

Size matters as well if you want to be discreet to travel around with the unit, you want to make sure you can walk it around in your pocket.

Oven baking technology is the best if you don’t want to worry about stirring the inside as some portable vaporizers will have hot spots within the herbs which is going to just extend the vaping session time of completion. Intense marijuana portable vaporizer technology which includes microprocessor chips and blue-tooth technology will sense the precise temperature inside the herbal chamber as well as give you accurate readings on the battery life, puff count, vapor temperature, vapor density as well as vaporization time. These are important gauges you want to look for if you have the budget to afford this specific type of vaporizer.

A vaporizer that resembles all the best technology would be the Crafty Vaporizer made by Storz & bickel which is an extremely high-quality vaporizer that has the best vaping qualities you want.

Marijuana Desktop Vaporizers

There are plenty of specific styles of desktop vaporizers when you’re shopping around looking for the right vaporizer to purchase. Many people want a device they can sit back, not have to worry about any batteries while relaxing at home and this is where the Desktop vaporizer comes into play.

Examples of Desktop Vaporizers
Examples of Desktop Vaporizers

There are different types of desktop vaporizers; whip-style desktop vaporizer, hands-free type is a specific choice and there’s a balloon bag desktop vaporizer. These two styles really depend on the type of mood you’re in. There’s plenty of different exterior structures for desktop vaporizers which include; stainless steel, ceramic glass, pyrex glass, titanium, poly-carbonate materials. The outside exterior isn’t as important as what the vaporizer should actually do. You want to make sure every desktop vaporizer you buy has glass-on-glass vaping path and all-glass vaporization interior with oven baking technology.  Check out the Volcano Vaporizer at To the Cloud Vapor Store , They offer a 90 day trial period and lifetime trade-ins for store credit.

Some vaporizers that give high-quality heating which you don’t need oven-baking technology would be fan-powered desktop vaporizers. It will blow hot air up into the botanical at a high intensity. Some fan powered desktop vaporizers aren’t really as noisy as people may think. Desktop vaporizers with fans built in them tend to cost more but you can also make it compatible with balloon bags which is a unique style form of desktop vaping. You mount the valve stem onto the desktop vaporizers heating rod and attach the balloon, it will fill up with vapor to where you can store vapor inside it for up to 8 hours. This form of vaping comes in really popular since many people love the fact they can store really potent vapor inside them and save it for later instead of running a machine every time you want to medicate, with a balloon bag vaporizer having the balloon filled, you’re ready to go any time.

Whip-style desktop vaporizers have a silicone tube, wand and whip which you connect all three parts to give you a hand-free vaping experience where you inhale through the mouthpiece or the vapor is forced through the mouthpiece to where you can inhale the vapor as it blows through.

Desktop vaporizers can be controlled with blue-tooth technology as well and include micro-processor’s to where you can know every metric to where you can even control it by turning it on or off with a remote or your smartphone. Desktop vaporizers range in pricing from $79 all the way to $1,000+ which are hospital-grade device that is very impressive.


Marijuana vaporizers are going to save your life regardless of what you may know or don’t know. It is nice knowing that they filter out all the deadly and poisonous carcinogens while giving 85% more potency. Knowing for every ounce you spend paying $15 a gram, it is nice to know you save $127.50 per ounce vaped.

Having 3 different unique types of vaporizers is very beneficial for anyone wanting a different and unique experience. It is great to have a reliable pen vaporizer you can dab your wax shatter and hash oils with while still being able to find a pen vaporizer to vaporize your herbs.

Having a high-quality pen vaporizer is great to have and buying 2 types; one for herbs, one for oils and waxes is important, and being able to fit both inside your pocket without an uncomfortable bulk is very appealing.

Example of Marijuana Pen Vaporizers
Example of Marijuana Pen Vaporizers

Buying a quality portable vaporizer seems great to be able to invest in a machine to where it can include all the technology you need and flexible temperature settings while giving an extremely, high-quality, combustion-free vaporization session every time. It is very good to be able to know you can take any portable vaporizer that looks discreet to work without anyone ever knowing what you’re actually doing.

Examples of Portable Vaporizers
Examples of Portable Vaporizers

When you come home from work, you always have to have your desktop vaporizer on hand. Buying one that has a fan gives you the capability to be able to use it whip-style or balloon bag style depending on the mood you’re in.

Examples of Desktop Vaporizers
Examples of Desktop Vaporizers

Overall, marijuana vaporizers are a way of life for millions of people, and rewinding any damage dealt by your past smoking days is very fitting to know that you have something that will no longer cause any health or financial concerns. The best part is if you’re worried about a defective unit or how long it’ll last is that all vaporizers come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Going out and buying a high-quality vaporizer is a very important thing to have.

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