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Celebrities with Their Own Weed Brand

Weed is a big business. Celebrities have lent their names in the past to everything from fancy alcohol to indoor grills.

Nowadays, weed products are a logical choice for most celebrities who are eager to show their support for a quickly mainstreaming American pastime.

Following are some noteworthy names:

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg debuted in the weed business in Colorado in November 2015 by launching his brand called Leaf’s by Snoop. The product line features concentrates, edibles, and flowers. There are eight different marijuana strains offered by the brand and featured on weed subscription sites in California. They are offered in either wax or flower form. Furthermore, sixteen different edible options are offered as well.

Ghostface Killah

Ghostface Killah, who was a part of a popular hip hop group, gave up weed in 2004. But he made a comeback recently and launched his own cannabis product line. It is known as ‘Ghostface Killah’s Wu-Goo’ and the products are sold mainly in cartridges. The entire product line is sold through a company named Dynamite Stix. The products are currently only sold in California, but since cannabis laws are changing, Ghostface plans to expand his weed business into multiple markets.

Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong launched his own cannabis product line in 2014. It is called ‘Chong Star’. The products are hybrid dominant Marijuana strains which are used for relaxation and as a depression relief. Tommy has another cannabis brand as well. It sells THC strips, oil cartridges, flower jars, and pre-rolls.

Melissa Etheridge

The famous singer Melissa Etheridge debuted in the weed business in Santa Cruz in 2014 when she partnered with a company called California Cannabis Dispensary and launched her own Wine infused with THC and CBD known as ‘No Label’. Over the years, she has succeeded in this wine venture and decided to include Cabernet, Grenache, and Shiraz to her selection.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley is known as the Godfather of Cannabis. He is probably the most popular marijuana advocate ever. In 2014, his family launched a cannabis line in his name. The product line includes his family’s own Jamaican inspired flower. The brand is called Marley Natural. It offers pre-packaged eights and pre-packaged pre-rolls.

Whoopi Golberg

Whoopi Goldberg dove into the weed industry in 2016 by partnering with Maya Elisabeth – an award winning edibles maker. Whoopi Goldberg wanted to pave a way for women in the weed industry, so she started her own line of edibles, balms, and salves that are focused on helping women with Menstrual cramps.

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is a big proponent of marijuana. It is evident in his songs. He recently launched his own stain called ‘Khalifa Kush’ which is being sold nationwide. There are five different strains in his product line and he plans to expand the business by doing more releases in the future.

In conclusion, a lot of celebrities are taking advantage of the thriving marijuana industry. The names listed in this article are just a few examples of many Hollywood stars you can expect to see carving out their own niche in the weed industry.

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