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CBD : The New Generation’s Cure

We all know what marijuana is, right? It is a plant that has been one of the major hot topics of the recent century. This is because it has always been considered as an illegal substance. Many experts have pointed to its potential for abuse as other addictive properties.

It may have been a part of rituals and other traditions, but has since been long gone in many countries. They also cited that it can be intoxicating and can lower your inhibitions. Although there are evidences about this, there has been a movement for a change, especially in Western countries.

As you may know, the term “marijuana” just refers to the plant or the product derived from it. However, as a plant, it is scientifically named as Cannabis sativa. The first name, cannabis, is also one of the common names of this plant. After numerous studies, scientists have discovered that its extracts are made from varying compounds. Not everything about it is actually a psychedelic as each compound has its specific use. One of which is cannabidiol, also known as CBD, and it has been heralded as one of the new cures of this generation. Now, there are a lot more people interested in this specific product.

On the other hand, it is to be noted that CBD is not very rich is the cannabis that we know. Instead, it can be really found in the cousin of this particular plant the hemp. This is where the confusion starts as CBD is always lumped with the marijuana that is familiar to everybody. However, it is not actually addictive, as there are other compounds in marijuana that make it so. Not cannabidiol though, and there have been numerous studies about its addictive properties. There was basically none of it based on their findings.

Meanwhile, it is understandable that there are many people that fear this substance. After all, it comes from something that is still considered illegal in most countries around the world. There are even places that would sentence someone to death because they had illegally brought marijuana into their countries. Even though there are researches that cover this already, there is still a black hole of knowledge that is still yet to be discovered. This is not a reason for us not to explore this kind of treatment though, as it may have an impact on some of the world’s incurable diseases.

How Does This Help

For example, medical marijuana has been credited to help cases like epilepsy. Specifically, there are two types that this substance can alleviate, Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. These diseases were considered incurable because even the most advanced anti-seizure medicines do not even have an effect. Cannabidiol, on the other hand, has been very influential in decreasing the chances of having seizures for children. In some cases, CBD has been credited in curing the disease altogether like what this article says.

Other problems that this substance can help you with are psychological ones like anxiety. It has also been used to help people with insomnia and other sleep related conditions. There are even some studies being done to see whether it can also help in pain relief. CBD’s calming effect can put people into a relaxed state which helps them through the pain.

Another application that is still being researched as of the moment is to animals. There were some pet owners and even pet clinics that said this can help with a cat and dog’s behavioral problems. Some even said that it helped their pet through cancer. However, these cases still need to be studied because giving pure marijuana to animals is potentially dangerous.

There is one issue that has not been brought up in many instances. As you may know, most people use cannabidiol oil as way to ingest this product. You can see it in this form because it is the way it was extracted. If it is not in oil form, it is also included in certain food items as well as personal hygiene items. There is an explosion of popularity for medical marijuana soaps and shampoos. As long as it has been legalized in an area, you will find many applications for this one simple oil. It is amazing how creative people can get when it comes to this.

Water Soluble All the Way

However, if you ingest the oil, there are some studies that suggest that you may not be absorbing most of it. As you may know, humans are 50% – 60% made out of water. If we ingest any kind of oil based substance, we cannot use up most it so it will either be deposited on other parts of our body. It can also end up in our waste. This means that there is a probability that we are not getting the best out of this product if we are using oil. We need to have something that would adhere to our needs.

This is the reason why there is a surge of water soluble CBD in the market and for good reason. It is so much easier for our body to use this form because it will adhere to our body’s needs. We can feel the positive effects of the substance faster than oil because it will readily dissolve in our system. It is also so much more affordable than the former material because it can be manufactured easier. The water based ones will still have the give the same effects to the user so there is nothing to lose when you switch.

When using any kind of medicinal product like cannabidiol, it is important to go to the doctor first. This should be followed in cases where a life is on the line like seizures. If you are going to use it for casual reasons, then use with care and responsibility. Use it in your home and let yourself relax. After all, it’s original purpose still holds, just without the weird feeling and seeing images.

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