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CBD is Great for Sleep: Here’s Why

There is nothing quite like the intense frustration of not being able to sleep. The hours spent tossing and turning in bed, unable to switch your thoughts off, and then, inevitably, the fuzzy head and fatigue the next morning… being stuck in a cycle of poor sleep is unbearable, and unfortunately, it affects nearly all of us at some point in our lives.

It’s hard to know what to do to help yourself to naturally fall asleep if it just isn’t happening for you. Meditation and sleep apps aren’t for everyone, and sleeping pills are unpredictable and potentially addictive. Luckily, natural sleeping remedies now exist – and CBD is one of the most promising and effective of them all.

Why is sleep so important?

With studies suggesting that a lack of sleep can put you at risk of weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, and even shorten lifespan, getting a good night’s rest has never been more important. While you sleep, your body repairs and rejuvenates itself, helping you to be fully equipped to face the day every morning. Good sleep can also help to keep your concentration levels up, and stop you from experiencing bouts of low mood and irritableness.

How does CBD promote sleep?

CBD, a remedial compound found inside the hemp or cannabis plant, has been proven to work wonders on the body’s sleeping cycle. CBD induces sleepiness by promoting relaxation, boosting the happy hormones in the brain. Its anti-inflammatory properties also offer pain relief, so if you’re usually kept awake at night by a chronic pain condition, using CBD for sleep is an effective alternative to over-the-counter pain remedies.

Anxiety is a common reason why so many of us will end up tossing and turning the night away, and CBD has also been found to effectively boost mood and lessen the stress and panic associated with common anxiety disorders. It does this by triggering cannabinoids inside the body to bind to mood-associated receptors in the brain, making them more responsive to positive mood hormones, and switching them off to the negative hormones.

How should I take CBD for good sleep?

No matter which form of CBD you purchase- creams, oils, tablets, other edibles, or vaping liquids- all of them should work towards promoting better sleep. If you’re a first-timer to CBD, oils, and tablets are the best starting point while you introduce yourself to the compound. You can purchase any of these in your local health store or online.

It generally takes CBD oil up to two hours before it is absorbed into the bloodstream, so if you’re taking the compound specifically to get a good night’s sleep, it’s best to take it in the evening before bed. If you’re vaping the compound, applying an oil under your tongue, or using a patch or suppository, the CBD will travel into your bloodstream a lot quicker, sometimes within 20 minutes. It is worth bearing this in mind when you’re planning how to make the most out of your CBD for good sleep.

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