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A Look into Production: Which 6 Factors Determine the Price of CBD?

Products made from marijuana and hemp are exploding in popularity because of recent legalization laws passed across the country. Lawmakers are starting to make steps in the right directions as they become more aware of the health capabilities of cannabis or hemp based on proven evidence. CBD (cannabinoid) is a natural compound found in marijuana and hemp that has therapeutic …

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Why is Medical Marijuana Becoming So Popular in the Healthcare Industry?

It almost feels like medical marijuana is making waves in every corner of the healthcare industry. It has become increasingly popular as more states legalize the consumption of the plant for medical purposes. Medical cannabis has been looked to as an alternative source of treatment for a number of ailments due to the healing components of the chemical compounds contained …

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5 Vaping Cannabis Hacks

Sure, you can toss your wax or shatter into a dab rig and torch it up. There are some more unique ways to vape cannabis, however. Using these fun tips and tricks you can impress your friends and get a little more enjoyment out of your session. Some of these tips will also make your life much easier. You’re welcome. …

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Top Tips for Vaping While Traveling

The days when getting through airport security with electronic cigarettes, vape pens and other vaping devices, (which was more than nerve-wracking are long gone). Thanks to the overwhelming number of people who have made the switch to vapor, airport security and airplanes alike are letting people travel with these vaping products. Vaping Rules and Regulations When Traveling by Plane Electronic …

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Dry Herb Vaporizer

If you are thinking about buying a dry herb vaporizer, you are on the right page! Vaporizers are completely changing the way we consume marijuana, both for recreational and medicinal purposes.  When selecting a vaporizer, do your research or visit a reputable site like So What is Vaporizer? A vaporizer is an electrical device that is responsible for heating …

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Vaping in Style: Have You Seen These 5 Stunning Vape Mods?

Although vape mods usually have much more generous dimensions compared to vape pens, the drawback pays off in terms of allowing you to have greater command over the power and the temperature, which contributes to the overall user experience quite nicely. If this is your first-time diving into the world of these stunning vaping devices, a couple of recommendations are …

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How do you use a dry herb pen?

The concept of a dry herb vaporizer is a relatively new concept, but the product options are far from limited. Yocan Mak In terms of dry herb vaporizer pens, the top product is called the Yocan Mak, and is recommended for lower temperature vaporizers (often pen style vaporizers). This dry herb vaporizer may be compared to an electric joint, as …

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Dry Vape Buying Guide

Looking to buy a vape for smoking weed – these tips are here to help you understand what to look out for. Price Point Price is the first/top factor many consumers consider when shopping for a dry herb vaporizer. With the market already flooded with different types of affordable vapes, finding the most appropriate one shouldn’t be too much a …

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