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How to Get the Best Deals on Vape Juice

The vape and vape juice market is on an upward trend because the products are accessible more than ever. Many people are settling on vaping because of its many benefits. It can, however, be very costly to buy vape juice on the regular. Fortunately, there are several ways you can get the best vape juice deals without breaking your budget. …

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Top 10 Reasons Why Vaping is the Perfect Alternative to Cigarettes

CBD carts and vaping apparatus exploded onto the scene around a decade ago and have since then revolutionized the tobacco industry. These products have helped innumerable individuals throughout the Western world to give up their addictions and dependencies. CBD carts also possess less danger when compared to tobacco and nicotine, making them a much safer option. When the apparatus entered …

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About Vaping THC “Juice”

The era of vaping, or ‘vaporizing’ is upon us, and many smokers are turning to the claim that vaporizers can keep certain illnesses associated with traditional smoking at bay and their health in check.  Is vaping the next best thing?  While studies take many years for results, only time will tell.  There is a large debate on the safety of medical …

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Know More about CBD Oil and CBD Vape Pens

Many people prefer vaping cannabidiol or CBD because it’s much more convenient and effective. Besides, taking their breaks with vapes leaves no more questions than their co-workers seeing them taking a pill or two before starting their day. Many manufacturers have made CBD extracts for vaping, but few can prove that they offer high-quality juice to their consumers. With this …

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The Three Best Vaporizers Under $100

Looking to buy a vape for under $100? – these tips are here to help you understand what to look out for. Price Point Price is the first/top factor many consumers consider when shopping for a dry herb vaporizer. With the market already flooded with different types of affordable vapes, finding the most appropriate one shouldn’t be too much a …

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Is It Safer? 7 Benefits of Vaping

You’ve been trying to kick the cigarette habit for a long while. Each time you quit, you find yourself right back where you started. That’s when a friend suggested that you try vaping to quit. It’s got a bad rep but there are a lot of vaping benefits that many people don’t know about. The main one being that it’s …

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Cannabis Consumption Trends During Covid-19

We reached out to our consumers during this unprecedented time in history to ask them some hard-hitting questions about their consumption habits during the quarantine. We have received, at the time of writing, 360 responses to our survey and wanted to share some of the insights we have gained.  As well as tackling consumption habits, we also wanted to touch …

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Amazing Gifts for Cannabis Lovers and Cultivators

With the rise in recreational cannabis in the United States, more people are becoming accepting and tolerant of cannabis use.  Not only can it be a fun past time, but cannabis also has an abundance of benefits for patients, animals, and more.   That said, cannabis-related products have also seen a rise in popularity, and it’s not uncommon these days for …

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Two New Ways to Enjoy Cannabis

So far, I’ve found 2020 to be pretty stressful. Already this year, we watched the pandemic ravage the world and now civil protests and unrest are popping up all over the world. The last few months have had my anxiety levels at record highs which means I’ve been getting through more cannabis than ever before. This is a problem for …

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