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Stealth Vaping

The world that we live in is changing rapidly, especially when it comes to the items that we are putting in our bodies. More and more people are looking at cigarettes as being the danger that we have always known them to be, while an increasing number of folks are viewing cannabis as not being the danger that we have …

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Recommended Cool Accessories

Cannabis patients and recreational users alike, love trying new accessories as much as they do cannabis.  While brick and mortar headshops provide instant gratification and hands on experience with accessories, online headshops often provide more selection, better prices, deals and sometimes, free shipping. Always make sure to do your research, shop around, watch Youtube videos and reviews prior to making …

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Recommended Cannabis Products

Some recommended Cannabis product links: Know what you’re eating!  New chocolate candy molds identify THC laced edibles. Visit: Cannabis Infused Martini: “The World’s first Cannabis Cocktail” | Cannabis K-Cups! Find original weed recipes at this website! Recommended: CBD Products Clothing Deals Dispensaries Entertainment Growing Supplies Industrial Hemp Marijuana Accessories Marijuana Products Misc Links Seed Banks Software and Apps Vape Products Republished by …

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Recommended Vape Links

Vaporization is an alternative to burning (smoking) that avoids the inhalation of many toxic and cancer-causing by-products.  It functions by heating the cannabinoids to their boiling temperature and instead of the buds burning and producing clouds of smoke, a vaporizer dehydrates the buds and causes them to release their juice of active ingredients, which in cannabis would be tetrahydrocannabinol, or …

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New Website Offers Interactive Listing of Marijuana-Friendly Establishments and Events, the premiere social online directory for marijuana-friendly hotspots, serves an international audience by providing an interactive map of bars, clubs, coffee shops, events, and tours where marijuana is welcome. The website does not show where consumers can buy marijuana. Instead, it offers a list of social places where people can safely, responsibly use weed. With dozens of worldwide offerings, …

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If you’re involved with cannabis, whether for recreation or medicinally, then you have probably heard of “dabbing.” A dab usually refers to a dose of concentrate that is heated on a hot surface, and then inhaled. A Dab is a dose of cannabis concentrate referred to as butane hash oil, but has grown to become a variety of other concentrates …

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