Tuesday , 12 December 2017
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Weed on Trial: 6 Ways to Show Support in Court

As a supporter, you may want to argue or shout or rant around the courthouse about the injustice.  But remember that the Defendant is fighting for their life and livelihood.  THEY are the focus of the trial.  Cannabis rights are important to fight for, but in court we do that by exonerating the defendants.  The verdict will set the tone for how Law ... Read More »

Hemp Seed Processing

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Weed 911: Who to Call When the Cops Knock

Though medical marijuana is legal in California, it is still a crime under Federal Law. Further, many cash-strapped local jurisdictions have ordinances on how medical marijuana can be grown and shared. This makes for a perfect storm of Fed cash funding local task forces to bust patients like you. You, your home, your assets, and your freedom are all targets ... Read More »

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