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Sony Joseph Books Launches Kickstarter Campaign Offering “Cannabisor Else” Cannabis Encyclopedia

“Cannabis or Else” breaks down all things cannabis, celebrating its positive qualities. A new crowdfunding campaign is offering this must-have book for cannabis enthusiasts at a deep discount. There is no shortage of testimonials from users who testify cannabis has opened up whole new doors of life for them. This is the spirit fueling the new release from Sony Joseph …

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Marijuana – Switching from Smoking to Edibles with Covid-19 or Respiratory Illness

It’s been common knowledge for decades that smoking, of any kind, is bad for your health. Be that as it may, millions of Americans smoke all sorts of substances, including nicotine, hash, heroin, and marijuana. Marijuana use stands out from the crowd because of its widespread medicinal benefit but smoking it can still harm your health. This is especially true …

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5 Benefits of Taking Cannabis During Chemotherapy

Cancer is a life-threatening disease from which millions of people are suffering today. While some people can detect it at an early stage and get a cure, many have lost their lives to it.  For those who suffer from it, life becomes a living hell. People are now resorting to using cannabis, as it provides relief from the side-effects of …

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Weed on Trial: 6 Ways to Show Support in Court

Being tried in court for any crime, especially a victim-less crime, is a trying process. Not just for the defendants, but for their friends, family, and supporters as well.  When the crime involves medical marijuana in California, it is often the defendant who is victimized.  Community support is important to help a friend get through this difficult time and to support the …

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Weed 911: Who to Call When the Cops Knock

Though medical marijuana is legal in California, it is still a crime under Federal Law. Further, many cash-strapped local jurisdictions have ordinances on how medical marijuana can be grown and shared. This makes for a perfect storm of Fed cash funding local task forces to bust patients like you. You, your home, your assets, and your freedom are all targets …

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