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The Autoflowering Strains of the Ministry of Cannabis

Today, autoflowering seeds are the more financially advantageous option for commercial and guerrilla cannabis growers as these strains hardly give any hard time to the growers and grow on their own in a much lesser time compared to other regular seeds, be it Indica or Sativa. Their shorter flowering period allows the growers to get good returns on the investments quickly, not …

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Smoke Breaks | Disposable Glass Pipes

Are you on the road, flying, on a cruise or on vacation and looking for a disposable glass pipe designed to be discreet, portable, lightweight and expendable with NO EMOTIONAL LOSS if broken, lost or tossed? Smoke Breaks Disposable Glass Pipes make for the PERFECT TRAVEL PIPE for those ON THE GO! We recommend Smoke Breaks because they are inexpensive …

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Herbal Vaporizers Are Safer

There Is a large debate on the safety of medical marijuana. Many people are moving to a safer alternative to smoking which is call a vaporizer. People use the herbal vaporizer to crystallize the THC from the cannabis leaf to vapor as you pull back on the vaporizer taking a deep inhalation, holding it in, blowing it out and repeating. …

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Portable Vaporizers are Healthy and Non Offensive In Public

Vaporization is an alternative to smoking and an awesome way to make that big switch to a smoke-free life. You can vape flavored nicotine or non nicotine juices, concentrated waxes, or dry herb. Rather than burning the herb, which produces toxic, and carcinogenic by-products, you use a technique of heating up cannabis or smokable product to a temperature facilitating the removal …

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What Sort of Vaporizer Should You Buy?

A vaporizer is a device that possesses numerous health benefits while producing little to no waste. They are an amazing advance in technology that provides crisp and clean aromas. They also improve the efficiency of inhalation, and are fundamentally an improved delivery device for inhalation, making them a must for aromatherapy enthusiasts or anyone planning to quit smoking conventional cigarettes. …

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Konyo Vape Pen

Looking for a vape pen that does wax, oil and dry herbs with one vaporizer pen? Check out the Konyo Vape Pen! The Triad by Konyo gives you a complete 3-in-1 pen with everything you need for inhalable consumption of oils, wax and even dry herb at a competitively low price. Each and every Konyo is based on three simple ideas: …

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Dispensaries: A Good Website and Good Search Engine Optimization is Important

Otherside Farms marijuana dispensary

A good website and good search engine optimization is important for dispensaries.  Much of the marijuana industry displays an unprofessional, hippy identity reflecting lack of quality and more./span> Patients and recreational users alike want to see quality in marketing as they do in their medicine. Likewise, dispensaries should be easy to find on the web, as they are location wise. A …

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Our Veterans Need Your Help

Being a retired Army medic, every time a soldier dies I feel like I’m losing a brother. This is especially hard when they die at there own hands. I feel this tragedy could help be prevented if medical marijuana was permitted to be used to treat PSTD. I dont think medical marijuana is for every one, but it could help …

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Casa Luna – 100 Percent Organic Chocolates

Casa Luna offers bean to bar chocolates with 100% Organic and Kosher certified ingredients. Preserving the beans’ distinctive flavors by controlling the chocolate making process from the farm to bean to bar. Cocoa is usually grown on small family owned plots of land. Cocoa trees grow to between 12 to 15 metres high, and it is about 3-4 years before …

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How To Dry And Cure Marijuana?

After you’ve harvested your marijuana crop, you are very close to finally reaping your reward. Of course, you can’t just immediately roll up a few buds and start toking. More work needs to be done before you can really enjoy the fruits of your labor. The harvested marijuana plants need to be dried and cured before you can really call …

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