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How Synthetic Urine Can Change Your Life

Organizations and companies are now implementing drug testing to determine whether their employees use outlawed drugs or not. As a result, companies that manufacture synthetic urine are increasing production to meet the ever-increasing needs. Typically, synthetic urine is a mixture of uric acid, creatinine, water, and urea. This article looks at how you can use quick fix synthetic urine to change …

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Abusing Prescription Drugs Is No Joke: 6 Warning Signs of Oxycodone Addiction

Doctors often prescribe oxycodone to relieve moderate to severe pain. It can provide relief from pain caused by many ailments but can be habit-forming. There are many warning signs of oxycodone abuse; these include taking the drug when you know it affects you negatively, obtaining it illegally, experiencing paranoia, extreme fatigue, problems with balance and coordination, and losing interest in …

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Recommended CBD Products

Cannabidiol which is also known as CBD is a compound in the cannabis plant.  CBD is one of at least 85 cannabinoids identified in cannabis. It is the second most abundant compound in hemp, which represents up to 40 percent of its compounds, the first being THC. The chart below shows various benefits of CBD. Can CBD get me high? People often get confused between CBD …

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Recommended Links

Some recommended misc Cannabis links: The trusted marketplace for the legal cannabis community Great looking social network for all those involved in the Cannabis Industry 420 Emojis: It’s time! will allow you to share a catalog of unique first-to-market weed emojis.  Nine marijuana hand gestures (Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, Peace sign, etc) and over 100 expressions (and growing….like a weed) 420 …

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Recommended Industrial Hemp

The US Government gave farmers permits to grow hemp/marihuana for fiber during World War 2. They called the fiber field ‘marihuana.’ The reason hemp, or marijuana, was prohibited in the 20th century was to suppress hemp fuel and fiber production (see below about hemp fuel). To learn more about the history of hemp and it’s many uses, please browse our …

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Recommended Software and Apps

As cannabis is starting to go mainstream, so are technological advances that can play an important part in it’s popularity. Social media for example, enables activism to share and educate those who were once in the dark. Particular cannabis related apps are now accepted in the Google Play and iTunes Store, which was unheard of years ago. Technology is constantly …

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Recommended Music

Some recommended music links: New Jersey psychedelic rapper Mindz I releases marijuana song with the possibility of legalized marijuana in New Jersey Soundcloud Check out this 25 minute freestyle by artist IQ.  Sounds like part of a chill rap battle in a hot boxed club with lots of herb related elements. iTunes | Spotify Justin Hibbert releases his dedication song to Cannabis titled …

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Recommended Variable Voltage Vape

Some recommended variable voltage vape sponsor links: Cheap Vape Juice – Premium ingredients and flavors Have you seen the vamo v5 variable voltage vaporizer? Looking for a good vape?  Check out these ego-c twist variable voltage vaporizers! Find more great deals on vape kits here: CBD vape kits: Butane vape kits: Recommended: CBD Products Clothing Deals Dispensaries Entertainment Growing Supplies …

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Vape Reviews

Vaporization, an alternative to burning/smoking herb or tobacco, avoids the inhalation of many toxic and cancer-causing by-products.  It functions by heating the cannabinoids to their boiling temperature and instead of the buds burning and producing clouds of smoke, a vaporizer dehydrates the buds and causes them to release their juice of active ingredients, which in cannabis would be tetrahydrocannabinol, or thc. …

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