Friday , 12 January 2018
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Why is Marijuana a Schedule 1 Drug?

It's natural and has been PROVEN to have great success at helping a vast amount of ailments. Whether your need is one due to a terminal condition or not, it works and ALL should have access to it. Why isn't our government concerned about the ef… Read More »

Your Tax Dollars

Heres another bit for you that your "unbiased media" hasn't told you, the city of Costa Mesa and several other local cities are using YOUR tax dollars to help the city of Anaheim fight its lawsuit against a group of dispensaries! And we… Read More »

Medical Marijuana Drug Policy Poll

Medical marijuana has strong support from voters and health organizations. The federal government, however, has resisted any change to marijuana's illegal status at the federal level. The Supreme Court ruled in 2005 in Raich v. Gonzales that the f… Read More »

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