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How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test with Flying Colors

Most companies put workplace safety at the top of their priorities. After all, a safe and positive working environment directly impacts the place of business, the welfare of the employees and consequently, the productivity and profitability of the company. One of the steps to ensuring workplace safety is making sure the employees are drug-free. Unfortunately, this includes marijuana as the …

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Cannabis Education Can Land You a Dream Cannabis Job

Medical marijuana/cannabis is legal and regulated in at least 30 U.S. states. This helps in bringing more job options for those who support cannabis industry. Today, more people are looking at the cannabis industry as a career choice. As more and more states legalize cannabis, the industry is growing at a rapid pace. More and more cannabis businesses are sprouting …

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Digital Scale Phone App

Our mobile phones are used for so many things these days, from computer to camera, to gaming system, and now, digital scale!  But how in the world do you do that? 3 Grams is a 3 in 1 Digital Scale App has a way to make this possible with their phone app.  The app has 3 modes, real (which acts …

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Where To Smoke In Denver When You Visit

Cannabis tourism is really a thing, yet it’s also nothing new. Together with the recreational market in Colorado inviting many to visit the dispensary, the subtle jolt to see that Colorado has yet to provide customers a place to gratify their cannabinoid nectars, syrups, chocolates, saps, dabs, edibles, cones, crosses, weed vaporizer, spliffs , and blunts is very surprising. Restricted …

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The Latest Trend: Cannabis-Friendly Travel Destinations in California

Just a few short years ago, cannabis lovers across the United States were hiding their consumption, not planning holidays around it. Times continue to change, however, and these days, marijuana trips for Californians no longer involve skulking off to the garage for a quick puff. Those days are gone. With Proposition 64 legalizing recreational weed, marijuana tourism is the next …

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Retail Tips for Dispensaries

Otherside Farms marijuana dispensary

Any entrepreneur looking to get onto something big should look at the opportunities that the cannabis industry offers.  Concrete extraction technicians, researchers, marijuana cultivators, marketers, marijuana processors and developers will all have a place in the industry. There are professionals from a range of backgrounds that are seizing the opportunity offered by the industry, Wall Street Daily has stated that …

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Best Websites to List or Find a 420 Growing Property

The medical marijuana and recreational marijuana industries are booming, and continue to make headlines in almost every state.  In states where marijuana has become legalized, properties have risen in value in areas that have been permitted for marijuana growing. Is your property one of them?  Are you a commercial grower or collective and are looking for property to start your medical …

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How to get medical cannabis in Canada

In 2018, patients and recreational users alike will be able to buy weed in Canada, however for now, the country will continue to abide by the current laws for obtaining cannabis.  Follow these three (3) easy steps to learn how to get medical marijuana in Canada from authorized producers under the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (or MMPR). Step 1) …

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Top 5 Cannabis 420 Apps for iPhone & Android

As marijuana becomes more and more mainstream, many digital entrepreneurs are finding opportunities to create innovative products and services catered to the booming industry.  Both the Apple App Store and Google Play now accept certain marijuana themed apps into their stores. We decided to give a few of them a test drive and give you some insight as to what …

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New Website Offers Interactive Listing of Marijuana-Friendly Establishments and Events, the premiere social online directory for marijuana-friendly hotspots, serves an international audience by providing an interactive map of bars, clubs, coffee shops, events, and tours where marijuana is welcome. The website does not show where consumers can buy marijuana. Instead, it offers a list of social places where people can safely, responsibly use weed. With dozens of worldwide offerings, …

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