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How to Choose a Canadian Online Dispensary For Weed?

Are you shopping for marihuana online? If so, you must be aware of the importance of making purchases from a reputable weed dispensary. Cannabis legalization in Canada has resulted in the appearance of numerous online dispensaries across the country. Nevertheless, not all of them provide premium-quality products at fair prices. There is a multitude of online weed dispensaries in Canada, …

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5 Tips for Running a Marijuana Dispensary

Otherside Farms marijuana dispensary

Do you feel passionate about marijuana and sharing its benefits? Now more than ever is the time to start a marijuana business. In the US, marijuana sales eclipsed $17.5 billion in 2020. And with more states legalizing medical marijuana and personal use, it is an excellent time to be a cannabis retailer. A marijuana dispensary is a place to sell …

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What’s the Latest on Marijuana Legalization in the United States?

While federal marijuana legalization is still pending, an increased number of states have legalized this drug for recreation and medicinal use. This legalization trend coincides with a dramatic increase in Americans supporting cannabis legalization, which has favored most of the supporters. A survey shows that about nine in ten Americans favor marijuana legalization. 91% favor medicinal marijuana, while 60% are …

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Is Cannabis/Hemp Legal in the United States?

Marijuana and Hemp have been around for about 8,000 years when it was first discovered in Turkey. But since then, the United States has argued over whether or not this plant is legal to consume or even grow. But where is it legal to grow cannabis or hemp? There are actually a few places in the United States, where it’s …

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How to Find the Best Cannabis Lawyer?

Whether you are trying to open a cannabis business or are accused of possession, you definitely need a good attorney. The medical and recreational use of cannabis is still illegal under the federal law of the United States but policies about it vary greatly at the state level. Specifically, in Arizona, licensed doctors can recommend a marijuana dosage for medical …

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What is the difference between medicinal and recreational marijuana

In the recent past, cannabis has received a wide range of public opinion. The usage of marijuana has also increased with more states legalizing the plant. Currently, marijuana can be used for both medicinal and recreational purposes depending on where you reside. Scientists have proven that cannabis has several therapeutic benefits regardless of how an individual consumes it or why …

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