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Pax 3: Setting a New Standard for Portable Vaporizers

For several years, smokers have been on their move to search for distinctive ways to take their hobby to another level without triggering much suspicion. Devices such as the Pax 3 portable vaporizer have recently exhibited a discreet method to vape anywhere without compromising vapor production or features. The Pax 3 vaporizer moves on the cycle with a new BLE …

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Why Vaporizer is the Best Way to Smoke

Believe it or not, the era of ‘vaporizing’ is upon us and smokers are turning to the vaporizer’s claim to keep certain illnesses associated with traditional smoking at bay and their health in check.  Is the vape pen it the next best thing? Only time will tell but until then…we think it is. With that said, let’s choose a subject and …

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How to Clean a Marijuana Pipe

Green Hits Pipe Cleaner Kit

Pipe, waterpipe and vaporizer cleanliness is important when administering marijuana through inhalation for various reasons, most importantly health. To avoid any issues, one should have a regular routine of cleaning and maintaining what medical marijuana will be smoked or inhaled from. Devices that most commonly need cleaning are pipes and waterpipes. Without cleaning, these devices become ill tasting and can …

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“Bong”. It’s no longer an obscure word that would fly over the head of most people. Nowadays people all over the world are familiar with bongs, their purpose and what they look like. Modern media has clearly been the biggest contributor to the awareness of bongs and smoking culture alike. You don’t have to look far to find well known …

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Types of Bongs

A bong (also called water pipe) is a filtration device generally used for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or other herbal substances. There are various types of bongs available, but the concept is much the same in most apparatus, as shown below: Bongs can be made of various materials; popular ones are glass, acrylic, ceramic, metal, acrylic, bamboo or even a plastic home …

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Helpful way of using Cannabis in Branded Vaporizers

Goboof Alfa

In this era, traditional smoking is considered old school. People now prefer to make use of vaporizers for their cannabis. Using cannabis in the vaporizers provides a better experience than smoking it. Many people are buying the top quality branded vaporizers but the real problem arises when they do not know how to use it. Alternatively, they might get confused …

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Herbal Vaporizers Are Safer

There Is a large debate on the safety of medical marijuana. Many people are moving to a safer alternative to smoking which is call a vaporizer. People use the herbal vaporizer to crystallize the THC from the cannabis leaf to vapor as you pull back on the vaporizer taking a deep inhalation, holding it in, blowing it out and repeating. …

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What Sort of Vaporizer Should You Buy?

A vaporizer is a device that possesses numerous health benefits while producing little to no waste. They are an amazing advance in technology that provides crisp and clean aromas. They also improve the efficiency of inhalation, and are fundamentally an improved delivery device for inhalation, making them a must for aromatherapy enthusiasts or anyone planning to quit smoking conventional cigarettes. …

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Why Some People Smoke Cannabis Instead of Eating It

Where medical marijuana is concerned, most dispensaries have plenty of food with medical marijuana baked into it and cannabis available in plant form for smoking. You’ll find that many people prefer to smoke it. Obviously, smoking anything isn’t particularly good for you. You’re inhaling smoke – which contains particulate matter – into your lungs. While smoking marijuana hasn’t proven nearly …

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If you’re involved with cannabis, whether for recreation or medicinally, then you have probably heard of “dabbing.” A dab usually refers to a dose of concentrate that is heated on a hot surface, and then inhaled. A Dab is a dose of cannabis concentrate referred to as butane hash oil, but has grown to become a variety of other concentrates …

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