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Vaping in Style: Have You Seen These 5 Stunning Vape Mods?

Although vape mods usually have much more generous dimensions compared to vape pens, the drawback pays off in terms of allowing you to have greater command over the power and the temperature, which contributes to the overall user experience quite nicely. If this is your first-time diving into the world of these stunning vaping devices, a couple of recommendations are …

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How do you use a dry herb pen?

The concept of a dry herb vaporizer is a relatively new concept, but the product options are far from limited. Yocan Mak In terms of dry herb vaporizer pens, the top product is called the Yocan Mak, and is recommended for lower temperature vaporizers (often pen style vaporizers). This dry herb vaporizer may be compared to an electric joint, as …

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Dry Vape Buying Guide

Looking to buy a vape for smoking weed – these tips are here to help you understand what to look out for. Price Point Price is the first/top factor many consumers consider when shopping for a dry herb vaporizer. With the market already flooded with different types of affordable vapes, finding the most appropriate one shouldn’t be too much a …

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Brand Review: Storz & Bickel

For years, the name Storz & Bickel have been at the top of every list of desktop vaporizer brands and portable vaporizer brands. They’ve managed to maintain a foothold both in the market and in the industry, building a dynasty and maintaining sovereignty in a fierce and a ruthless business. Today, we’ll look into the legacy that Storz & Bickel …

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Top 5 Reasons to Switch to Plasma Lighters

Lighters have been on the market for a very long time now. More than 200 years have passed since the first recorded lighter in history appeared. This first device worked with a chemical reaction from gas that produced a flame and generated great heat and light. It was used mostly for lighting due to its larger size. It wasn’t until …

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Arizer Solo 2 – All You Need to Know

The popular Arizer Solo has undergone a revamp with its design and it has now returned not only with substantial upgrades to its hardware and features, it is also called the Arizer Solo 2. As it is the case with any vaporizer that is launched with a subsequent version, it is understandable that the first or earlier versions were a …

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Smoke Real Smoke Anywhere

Whether you smoke joints or cigarettes, the disturbed feeling of someone eyeing you with disgust may be a common feeling.  Sometimes, it is simply illegal or not allowed to smoke in certain private areas.  Sometimes, you have no intention of being a nuisance or want to disturb others, you simply need a real smoke.  Now there’s a surprising way to …

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Selecting a Quality Bong or Waterpipe

If you are new to smoking cannabis, you might have done some research as to what to look for when selecting a quality piece. The first question you should ask yourself when buying a water pipe is whether it is suitable for you. Just because you like a bong or how it looks does not mean that you will be …

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Waterpipes (Bongs) for administering Cannabis (THC)

Water pipes also known as bongs a are made in a variety of designs and sizes depending on geographic origin and different traditions. In a bong you will place your preferred smoking blend in a bowl shaped base from which emanates one or more pipes. Smoking with a bong is a different way of smoking because the smoke first goes through …

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Digital Scale Phone App

Our mobile phones are used for so many things these days, from computer to camera, to gaming system, and now, digital scale!  But how in the world do you do that? 3 Grams is a 3 in 1 Digital Scale App has a way to make this possible with their phone app.  The app has 3 modes, real (which acts …

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