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Amazing Gifts for Cannabis Lovers and Cultivators

With the rise in recreational cannabis in the United States, more people are becoming accepting and tolerant of cannabis use.  Not only can it be a fun past time, but cannabis also has an abundance of benefits for patients, animals, and more.   That said, cannabis-related products have also seen a rise in popularity, and it’s not uncommon these days for …

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Two New Ways to Enjoy Cannabis

So far, I’ve found 2020 to be pretty stressful. Already this year, we watched the pandemic ravage the world and now civil protests and unrest are popping up all over the world. The last few months have had my anxiety levels at record highs which means I’ve been getting through more cannabis than ever before. This is a problem for …

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Cannabis 101: Concentrates

Stoners get a bad wrap. So many people think that they are flakey nerdowells. Well let me tell you something, I’ve used cannabis several times a week, sometimes every day, for almost ten years. That’s a serious commitment. Finally, someone has taken note of my steadfast dedication; LOCAL’d has asked me to answer a few of their customer’s frequently asked …

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Rule Your Extraction Business With an Iron Fist Extractor

If you’ve ever wondered how award-winning extracts are made, Iron Fist Extractors is the answer. These finely engineered, closed-loop extractors are designed to produce full spectrum extracts with amazing terpene profiles. Whether you’re working with cannabis, hemp, or any plant you want to extract essential oils from, discover the difference an Iron Fist makes in your products. All plants are …

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All About Vaping and CO2 Cartridges Canada

For the past 40 years or so, every medium has broadcasted anti-smoking ads. We’ve all seen them, and we know that smoking is quite dangerous. One shocking statistic is that 80 to 85 percent of smokers will develop lung cancer. That’s enough to make a conscious person stop and think about what they are doing. . Just by comparison, if …

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Advantages of Portable Aromatherapy Pens Over Room Diffusers

Aside from the sweet, welcoming ambiance it creates, aromatherapy brings with it a range of health benefits and wellness that is good for the body. Aromatherapy which is also referred to as essential oil therapy can be defined as a complementary, traditional or alternative therapy that uses essential oils and aromatic materials to promote good health and well-being. It is …

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How Cannabis Concentrate Can Help You

Concentrates are products derived from the cannabis plant that has been processed to only keep the most desirable compounds (cannabinoids and terpenes), leaving out impurities and excess plant material. Cannabis concentrates can be categorized into two types; extract and none-extract concentrate. The former applies solvents to extract the desired product from the cannabis plant, whereas the non-extracts leverage on heat …

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Vaping Could Save Millions of Smokers

Tobacco smoking or smoking anything, for that matter, is something that people grow addicted to and merely saying that it is bad and needs to be given up does not suffice when it comes to quitting it. And it is hard and needs unprecedented strong will power and devotion, which most people lack and also people tend to break down …

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Newbie Tips: How to Use a Vape Pen

Back in 2015, 29.8% of vapers used to be regular cigarette smokers. As the popularity of vaping’s grown, that number is probably much higher now, with people choosing to give up a bad habit and pick up a much better one for their bodies. If you’re a regular smoker, then you may be contemplating ways to still get your nicotine …

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