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Cooking with Cannabis

What is the Difference Between Edibles and Tinctures?

Did you know that more than 48 million people in the United States of America use cannabis tinctures and other cannabis products? There are more options than ever for people who need help from cannabis-derived terpenes, which means that increasing numbers of people are looking at cannabis-based essential oils and edibles as a fast-acting way to enjoy cannabis. Two of …

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How to Buy THC Gummies Online: Everything You Need to Know

Society is finally coming to understand all of the amazing benefits of cannabis products. While CBD supplements have proven to provide fantastic results, some people prefer cannabis products that contain THC. THC can be more effective at treating things like pain, anxiety, and depression. However, if you plan to buy THC gummies online, there are a few things you need …

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How to Make Hash: A Guide for Beginners

Do you enjoy getting high every now and then? If so, you’re certainly not alone. After all, as marijuana laws slowly change around the country, more and more people are discovering the benefits that weed can provide. Along with smoking marijuana and consuming it in various other forms, many people also enjoy making their own cannabis products. This includes making …

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5 Discreet Ways to Get High

Passing a joint among friends is a bonding experience. Just like drinking together, it’s a nice way for everyone to let their guards down and relax for a while. However, it’s not always easy to be so open about marijuana. Maybe you are spending some time with relatives, your parents, your wife’s parents. Or maybe you are just traveling and …

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CBD Recipes for Beginners: Cooking With CBD Oil

There’s a secret ingredient people are adding to some quick, healthy recipes that are helping them feel their best. That ingredient is CBD. Introduction to Cooking With CBD Did you know that CBD can be added to your favorite foods and drinks? There’s no need to be a master chef to enjoy the benefits of cooking with CBD. A simple …

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How is Cannabis Improving the Eating Lifestyle of People Around the World?

The newest food trend around the globe is an increase in beverages and foods containing cannabidiol, the chemical compound found in cannabis plants. The Food and Drug Administration allows the use of CBD to treat pain, anxiety, depression, nausea, and some types of epilepsy. So, how does cannabis affect eating lifestyles? Ingesting or smoking marijuana is always associated with munchies. …

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Your Ultimate Guide to Weed Gummies

Nearly 24 million Americans consume marijuana regularly, according to a survey taken in 2017. The most common way that people use marijuana is through vaping and smoking, which is not discrete. If you don’t want to vape or use oil drops, there is a new fun and tasty way to consume CBD and weed. Scroll down to learn the difference …

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Powerful Recipes for Your Wellness in 2019

CBD oils have been the talk of the day for quite some time now, and their many beneficial properties are definitely not a secret, but just how beneficial are they? Well, you will want to check out this article and do some research on the subject before getting into our powerful CBD oil recipes just yet! You will be happy …

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