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The Marijuana-Growing Tips You Need to Know

Did you know that around 90% of Americans favor some form of marijuana legalization? As public support for legalizing marijuana grows, many are wondering how they can get their hands on it. The most common way is buying it from a local dispensary. However, you can also grow your own marijuana. If you are interested in this journey, read on …

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Secrets to Successful Marijuana Cloning

There are two options for marijuana growers to take when growing new plants. The first is to use seed and the second is to apply marijuana cloning. Seeds vs Clones First-time growers might ask, what’s better, growing from seeds or clones? They both have pros and cons. At the end of the day, whichever option you choose, you want to …

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7 Amazing Tips For Successful Cannabis Cultivation

It’s reported that as many as 15% of US residents would grow cannabis at home if it was legal. So, based on these stats there’s no doubt that cannabis cultivation is growing in popularity. Growing cannabis is a fun and cost-effective way of stocking up on herb. However, not everyone knows how to produce big yields with every grow. In …

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How to Grow Marijuana: The 4 Best Marijuana Growing Tips

Are you trying to figure out how to grow marijuana? Read this article to learn the best marijuana growing tips for newbies. Enjoying marijuana is one thing. Growing it is another matter entirely. That’s because marijuana’s not a low-maintenance plant. If you have a green thumb, there’s a good chance you can grow it successfully, but if you’re a beginner grower, there …

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How To Build a Marijuana Hydroponic System

Hydroponics is one of the most popular ways to grow marijuana. What is hydroponics, though? Basically it is the growth of a plant in a nutrient-enriched soluble, rather than in soil. This allows the grower control of the nutrients, minerals, and products going into the marijuana plant. There are multiple ways to get a hydroponic system set up. Kits are …

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Pros and Cons of Auto-Flowering Seeds

The demand for auto flowering seeds is increasing, owing to several benefits that they offer; though there are some downsides, they have more merits, and are usually preferred by the amateur growers. The auto-flowering seed has a very interesting lifecycle, as it doesn’t have to depend upon the photoperiod to mature. The flowering is actually automatic, once it reaches maturity …

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What You Should Know About Growing Marijuana

Growing marijuana is both a fun and challenging experience. Those that are already doing it can confess to the patience and dedication required to tend to the fragile plants. As a beginner, there are some crucial basics that you need to understand to ensure you get a fulfilling experience with this venture. There are measures that you will have to …

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