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Best Auto-Trimming Machines for Cannabis

After nurturing your cannabis plant tirelessly from when they were clones or seeds up until harvesting, your work does not end there because you still need to trim the plants. Trimming cannabis is no easy task, and those who are familiar with it can attest to this. However, you could make the whole trimming exercise less of a daunting task …

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Why choose LED grow light instead of other grow lamps?

Plants need the right lighting to grow properly, LED technology also helps in this area. LED grow light is the best lamps currently available on the indoor grow market. LED aka Light Emitting Diode is an electrical component that consists of two terminals and allows the passage of electrical current in only one direction. Applying an adequate voltage the electrons …

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How to Choose the Best Grow Tent Carbon Filter

What makes a carbon filter essential to any grow tent is that they remove strong smells as you as well as removing harmful gases that can build up inside the tent. Whether you are a first-time grower or you are just changing up your grow system, you have come to the right place to get a basic question answered: how …

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Cannabis Growing Tips from Professional Farmers

Modern cultivation of cannabis can be challenging for new and inexperienced growers. However, there is a growing population of professional farmers who are always ready to help. We interviewed a variety of professional cannabis farmers, and compiled one of the best cannabis growing tips from right from hiring, to cultivation, water management, choosing strains, and more. Plan Your Cannabis Growing …

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Medical Marijuana Guide: How To Choose The Best Marijuana Strains For Your Pain?

Legal marijuana sales in the United States is going to take off, topping out at around $15 billion by 2020. That’s more revenue than the National Football League produces in a year. Factor in the black market for marijuana and the value of the product jumps up to between $50 to $60 million. One this is certain with all that …

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7 Tips For Growing Killer Buds at Home Without Killing Them

Did you know one in seven adults used marijuana in 2017? With the growing number of states that are allowing more people to use marijuana medically or recreationally, it’s no surprise that there are more people interested in learning how to grow their own. We’re going to cover seven tips below that will help you successfully grow killer buds indoors. …

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Not All Cannabis Seeds are Created Equal… Take a Look

Feminized cannabis seeds, auto-flowering cannabis seeds, outdoor cannabis seeds, indoor cannabis seeds, OH MY! When choosing the seeds to grow your next crop, there are some things you’ll need to know. When choosing to grow your very own marijuana crop from cannabis seeds, you’ll likely have already looked into all of the growing methods available, as well as amassed loads …

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What is the Best LED Spectrum for Marijuana Growing?

It’s an exciting time to be a commercial grower. With the latest advancements in LED technology, you have more control over your yields than ever before. Variable spectrum LED lights like the California Lightworks SolarSystem® allow you to mimic the light spectrum of the sun and command the changing seasons . . . at least in terms of your plants’ …

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Cannabis Cultivation: 9 Advice Points No One Will Tell You

Cannabis cultivation has emerged as one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Whether you’re cultivating for personal recreational use, medicinal purposes, or for a business endeavor like a dispensary, growing weed is more popular than ever. Ontario cannabis cultivation is beginning to flourish since marijuana laws changed.  Growers from across the world are beginning to share insights, helping …

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The Best Way To Germinate Cannabis Seeds For Maximum Success Rates

Both grow sites and user forums advise new growers to germinate their precious (and expensive) cannabis seeds in damp paper towels. And, those same beginners complain year after year about seeds that either won’t crack or don’t thrive once they touch dirt. Do yourself a favor and leave the paper products in the kitchen where they belong. Here’s how you …

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