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Cannabis Vacations

New laws legalizing the recreational use of Marijuana have sparked interest all over the world to destinations in the United States, especially Colorado.

Our friends at Cannabis Vacations are here to help, specializing in connecting folks with their partners at various Cannabis friendly destinations and tours. They are a great source if you are looking for a travel agent and need help planning your next Cannabis friendly trip.

Marijuanavacations.com is here to connect interested travelers with cannabis-friendly travel destinations.

The site is divided into six sections and offers help with:

  • the legal weed shops map to help you find legal storefronts that sell marijuana
  • the destination finder which will help you find 420-friendly spots around the globe
  • cannabis-friendly lodging to help you find a place to stay
  • travel agencies which is a directory of agencies that specialize in cannabis-friendly destinations
  • destination events which highlights upcoming events around the globe
  • and in the news which features recent news regarding the marijuana travel industry.

Follow them on twitter http://twitter.com/420Vacations for up to date and latest information, to help you plan your next Cannabis friendly vacation.


For a list of their partners in Colorado, please visit http://marijuanavacations.com/agencies.

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