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Cannabis Smokers Kits

With today’s saturated smoker’s market, and various methods of consuming cannabis, some patients just want an easy method of smoking, with a friendly, easy to use cannabis smokers box care-package to get the job done.  Some  also like the idea of a care package “surprise” every month, getting a variety of cool accessories in a box, some items of which they can share or gift to friends. offers this service, with service to your doorstep, and everything you need in a box, like rolling papers, glass pipes, accessories, and more.

Kits made easy kits might be described somewhat like a “Barkbox” for marijuana patients and fans. Get a box delivered to your doorstep filled with a variety of surprise accessories. offers everything you need in a convenient care package, with different methods of medicine consumption available. Whether you want to surprise a friend or give a gift to yourself, these kits will make any patient or recreational smoker smile.

To get started, select the care package you want and have it delivered the same day, right to your door. Some packages currently available are:

Toker Bundle Pack
Toker Bundle Pack

The Pack

For those that like to roll with quality papers. This pack contains 2-3 rolling papers.

Accessory Pack

This pack contains 6-8 super cool smoking accessories including name brand rolling papers and various glass pipe attachments.

The Bundle Pack

So you like both glass & paper smoking methods? Get the best of both worlds – get one of our quality name brand glass water pipes that stands up to 10″ tall and other glass smoking accessories along with some rolling papers.

Easy packages with one time purchase or subscription available for worry free, no reminder needed, delivery to your doorstep. kits change every so often. Past kits are also available on their website.

Reviews are everything.  Check out reviews and get an idea what you might be getting in the mail.

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