Wednesday , 13 December 2017
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Cannabis Professional Networking Site

Calling All Cannabis Professionals!

420BusinessClub is happy to announce that within two weeks of their launch of the platform (, they’ve had an overwhelming positive response from cannabis professionals on their site.  As a current member, you’re able to gain exposure, meet fellow professionals, share ideas, and learn about the industry.

Currently, on 420BusinessClub you are able to:

  1. Self-promote and gain exposure:  Through your elevator pitch and blog, you’ll be able to show members what you’re all about. You can review our events listing, to see what current event’s are in your geographic location.
  2. Connect and InteractThrough our advanced searching, you can find the connections that are meaningful to you and your business. You can post on member’s walls as well as privately message them.
  3. Learn and grow: All business professionals in the cannabis field – whether they are established, new to the industry, or aspiring – get the opportunity to learn and grow in the field by interacting with fellow members.
Self-promote and gain exposure, connect and interact, learn and grow, on

Self-promote and gain exposure, connect and interact, learn and grow, on

In the next few months, 420BusinessClub will be rolling out the following features, this includes:

  1. Groups: An ability to interact with multiple people in your sector or geography.
  2. News and Learning: A section dedicated to international cannabis business news and learning programs.
  3. Endorsements: Ability to show what you’re the best at- whether it’s breeding techniques or intellectual property law. This takes the “elevator pitch” to another level.

420BusinessClub was created with the intention of connecting people together, as they are strong believers that there is power in numbers. So, please help spread the word about this organization!




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