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Cannabis Growing Tips from Professional Farmers

Modern cultivation of cannabis can be challenging for new and inexperienced growers. However, there is a growing population of professional farmers who are always ready to help.

We interviewed a variety of professional cannabis farmers, and compiled one of the best cannabis growing tips from right from hiring, to cultivation, water management, choosing strains, and more.

Plan Your Cannabis Growing Operation

One of the latest important aspects of growing cannabis plants is to create a holistic cannabis growing operation. This includes utilizing the space horizontally and vertically as efficiently as possible. You also need to rethink the layout of your growing rooms as well as figuring the necessary growing and business operations beforehand.

This will streamline your workflow, and it will eliminate unnecessary risks. One of the things you need to plan is the hiring of skilled and experienced labor. Ideally, you need to hire a person who knows their way around growth facilities and how to maintain the proper environmental parameters.

Test Changes in Small Batches

Changing the growing environment could have far-reaching effects for your cannabis plants. For example, adding or reducing equipment without accounting for power consumption or environmental parameters could increase your operating cost significantly.

Ideally, you should test new growth techniques in small batches. This will allow you to estimate and plan for a variety of factors such as an increase in labor and workflow.

More Roots Are Better

For best results, you need the cannabis plants to have as many roots as possible. One of the most popular ways of increasing root growth is by using mycorrhizal inoculants. They use a symbiotic association between the roots of your cannabis plant and a fungus.

The fungus acts as a catalyst for root growth, and it increases the root’s ability to take up nutrients from the growing medium.

Avoid Pruning

Professional farmers advise that you should not prune your cannabis plants, but instead, you should super-crop the plant. Super-cropping means that you bend the branches near the top of the cannabis plant.

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This way the plant will think that it does not have the tops. This causes lower branches to grow higher and wider. Super-cropping eventually increases your tops and thus more buds for harvest.

Use High Levels of Carbon Dioxide

Professional farmers recommend that for you to increase yields, you need to keep the carbon dioxide levels high. Ideally, you need to keep them at 15,000 parts per million. When done correctly, such levels can increase yield by up to 30%.

The logic behind the high levels of carbon dioxide is that it is necessary for photosynthesis. The light will turn the carbon dioxide into energy, and sugars, which leads to increased bud density and size.

Know Your Sources

The internet is one of the best sources of information for a budding cannabis grower.  However, there is a lot of contradictory information, and budding cannabis growers could end up using wrong information passed off as legit. Before taking any information as gospel cannabis-growing truth, get answers to questions such as:

  • How many successful grows have they done?
  • What is their skill set and experience?
  • How many warehouses or gardens have they run?

This will save you on time, energy, and money. Since cannabis plants are extremely sensitive, you need to ensure that you are getting the real and factual information.

Copyright: Unsplash I License: CCO Public Domain

Develop Your Procedures Early

As you gain more experience in growing cannabis plants, procedures and processes will become a vital aspect of the journey. While you are still in the early stages, ensure that you keep track of the changing variables. This includes dates, times, customer preferences, sales, and more such as where to buy CBD oils.

The variables will provide the key indicators you will use for the successful running of your day-to-day operations. Over time, having a compilation of the standard operating procedures will come in handy.

Look For Efficient Technology

 Cannabis growing can consume a lot of energy, and this creates the need to work efficiently to keep your costs low. You need to be on the lookout for efficient grow lights, air extractors, and more. You can also recycle the water from your growing pots and recycle the water to get as much use of the fertilizer as possible.


Cannabis growing is an art and a science. Many growing guides will tell you about the science behind growing cannabis plants, but only a professional farmer can get you the necessary balance of the art and science of grown cannabis plants.

Automating the growth process will give you a better product using fewer resources for maximum ROI. The best advice you can get is to keep learning from trusted sources.

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