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The Latest Trend: Cannabis-Friendly Travel Destinations in California

Just a few short years ago, cannabis lovers across the United States were hiding their consumption, not planning holidays around it. Times continue to change, however, and these days, marijuana trips for Californians no longer involve skulking off to the garage for a quick puff. Those days are gone. With Proposition 64 legalizing recreational weed, marijuana tourism is the next money-spinning industry.

There is now an abundance of classy, cannabis-friendly travel destinations in California and in other legal states. You can visit pot-proud hotels and resorts. There are yoga camps for weed lovers, along with “soak-and-toke” spas, relaxing mind and body retreats, weed-themed festivals, and even restaurants offering culinary pot dishes. Tourists are flocking to California specifically for its pot-friendly attractions.

Marijuana Legalization in California

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in California, any adult in the state can consume it on private property. Although weed is still illegal federally, and therefore banned in public areas, homeowners may allow it on their personal premises. As a result, weed tourism is becoming a popular attraction. People are offering guests complete cannabis tours and experiences, including grows, dispensaries, and events.

Cannabis-Friendly Travel Destinations in California

Investors are increasingly looking to implement full-fledged cannabis tourism in California, mimicking in many ways the tourist industries of Washington and Colorado. There are a few setbacks, such as the fact that retail sales only become legitimate in 2018. Many are holding investment until next year, but for others, business is already booming for those with Medical Marijuana Cards.

These are just some of the marijuana-friendly getaways already on offer in California:

Living Waters Spa

Located outside Joshua Tree National Park, Living Waters Spa offers hot springs in the desert for those who enjoy puffing in the buff. This European-inspired spa is winning awards in the industry, as it has its own private mineral spring where you can soak and toke in the privacy of nature. The environment is blissfully holistic, and although parties are unwelcome, weed lovers adore its dedicated smoking table.

Living Waters Spa is meditative and quiet for those seeking a place to contemplate life and happiness. You cannot bring pets along, or even kids. This is an adult getaway with a huge focus on being marijuana-friendly, and as such, is not suitable for young ones. As a spa, it offers rejuvenating massages and overnight accommodations, including six two-bedroom units and nine rooms by the poolside.

This tourist destination allows you to immerse yourself completely in nature, and it offers the additional luxury of soaking the healing properties of natural mineral water. With Palm Springs only 11 miles away, guests have access to some civilization. The town of Desert Hot Springs is also nearby, and it has some of the finest restaurants and tourist attractions in California.


Situated in Ojai, a town in Southern California, CannaBliss offers the full experience. Smoking weed is outdated. Cannabis culture now embraces all aspects of the marijuana experience. Guests can learn about weed, taste it, enjoy it, expand their minds with it, and use it to heal their bodies. You can do it all at CannaBliss, and tourists are bound to rave about this particular weed-friendly getaway.

Those lucky enough to attend its inaugural retreat, from 22 June to 26 June, enjoyed a variety of spiritual journeys with cannabis, including drumming circles, psychedelic black-light yoga, sound baths, tarot-card readings, and even visionary workshops. Industry leaders came to provide workshops and education panels. Budtenders were available to help guests, who ate farm-to-table, gourmet pot dishes.

Ganja Goddess Getaways

The Ganja Goddesses, Sailene Ossman and Deidra Bagdasarian, offer overnight retreats for weed lovers. Run by these two, Ganja Goddess Getaways caters exclusively to woman. In August and September in Palm Springs and Pescadero, women have an opportunity to experience more than your average vacation. Using cannabis, these retreats enhance creativity, deepen spirituality, and promise healing.

The aim of these retreats is to allow marijuana to strip you of your mask and allow you to become the real you. Sisters connect with each other to be tender and vulnerable, which is the environment these trips aim to create. At some venues, you can stay in a yurt. At others, camping facilities are available. At still others, guests have lodges, rooms, and even just single-day tickets.

Ganja Goddess Getaways feels much like summer camp. Guests will find plenty to entertain and educate. There are women’s health workshops, activities to help set realistic goals, and guides on using marijuana therapeutically. Activities include “puff-puff” classes, belly dancing, yoga, and so much more. Although these retreats only launched last year, they will expand across the country eventually.

Feeling Groovy at Eagle Creek Ranch

In the heart of Northern California’s Trinity Alps, the newly opened Feeling Groovy at Eagle Creek Ranch straddles the majestic Trinity River. The atmosphere is very welcoming to cannabis lovers, and it combines typical resort facilities with natural splendor. Guests have 116 acres of private mountain country to puff pastorally, or explore alpine meadows and thick forests on horseback.

There are almost no people around to bother the cannabis connoisseur. There are salmon, trout, and bass to fish, hammocks to lay about in, animals to roam with, therapeutic massages to enjoy, and morning yoga classes to attend. The ranch even dyes its sheep bright, non-toxic colors to ensure high spirits and a groovy atmosphere for guests. The daily happy hour serves pot edibles and appetizers.

Author Bio: John Levy is a professional blogger working at Pot Valet, which provides marijuana delivery service in California. John loves travelling to cannabis destinations to explore his knowledge about cannabis culture and trend. You can follow his company on GooglePlus and Twitter.

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